Bakuman III [first impression] Episode 1: a stressful audition


Miho has a chance at getting a major role! The only thing wrong with that is that the role is for the main heroine in +Natural, the popular manga made by Niizuma Eiji and Aiko Iwase, and one of Ashirogi Muto’s biggest rivals. Miyoshi disagrees to the idea, while Mashiro resigns himself for his girlfriend’s career, since a major role is a big thing for her.

With this reply, Takagi and Miyoshi decide to go see Azuki and try to convince her instead, leaving her to think about it on her own. Meanwhile, Mashiro’s going crazy and messing up everywhere, stressful of what her decision will be.

Is it still really “just a job”?

When the day comes, Azuki shows up at the audition to turn down her role, and Aiko tries to prevent it before Mashiro shows up and runs away with her. In the end, they go on a sort of date together, while Aiko blows a gasket and makes Miura feel like a wimp.

This girl is a freak. I swear, I think she’s gone crazy.

In the end, Hattori takes a look at PCP’s third chapter ratings, which are good, but really close to the limit that was given to them by the manager. If they drop any lower, they’re out and cancelled!



It’s back~

Time to keep on going with this third season based on a manga about manga.

And so, PCP is doing well, however this time, it seems like this episode was centered around Azuki Miho more than anything else.

says the person who started a manga because her ego told her to.

It was expected that she would refuse the role, and in the end, although I was a bit disappointed that Miho didn’t let her logic take over (since she missed a huge opportunity by turning down the role in +Natural). In the end though, considering her dream lies elsewhere, it’s probably a better choice in order for her not to lose her motivation when it comes to voice acting. After all, she still has a very good start, and it won’t take long before other major roles show up in her face.

In the end however, even if she had decided to audition, it seems like Mashiro thought otherwise. Considering his dream also relies on her being the main heroine of his manga, it would have been really bad for him if she’d taken on that role. Although I thought it to be a bit forceful in the beginning, I guess it turned out great in the end since they ended up going on a 40-minute date, taking the bus together. We could definitely see how their relationship worked fine, and I could totally see them as a married couple later on.


Moving out of plot matters and onto season comparisons, my guess is that this season will be the conclusion of the Bakuman anime. It’s possible that this continues for yet another season, however I doubt it. Ashirogi already has PCP, Hattori, and Azuki Miho is already pretty famous that she almost got herself a main role already. I am aware that the manga keeps going for another billion chapters, but my guess is that this is the anime’s last season.

I’m glad producers didn’t take out these funny facial expressions 🙂

The animation quality hasn’t changed one bit, but the OP and ED are quite noticeable, maybe more than last season’s. Nano.RIPE doing yet another anime opening is surprising. After Hanasaku Iroha, Sankarea and Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, I didn’t think I’d hear that voice again for a while, but apparently this band is full of otaku that like singing about anime. It’s a good addition to the Bakuman anime, and I can say the same about the ending, which I like already.

I’m not expecting this to be the show of the season, and I doubt that no one but hard fans of the other seasons will follow this third one, but if you ever think of watching this, I recommend watching the other two seasons before it (it’s definitely worth it!).

Next episode will go back to PCP matters, since there’s a possibility that it might not stay popular enough for the Shounen Jack bastard Editor-in-Chief?

Watching: Yes
Blogging: Yes

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