Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman episode 1 First Impression: Robin Hood 2.0


This show is a shōnen aimed at a much younger audience, I’m really afraid that I won’t be able to give this show the proper review it deserves since i am not the target audience. This show would most likely captivate the mind and attention of kids, but the review you will have here is one of a grown up 21 year old little boy.


This show is boring, not only is the show itself not really appealing, but the moral behind is outdated and stinks. I understand how to portray some kind of super loser achieve heroic action for the mass might make some kid look forward to help others even when they have trouble achieving anything by themselves, but overall there is no real value in this. On a second note, a show aimed at kid shouldn’t have a gambler as a main character if they try to push positive values to kids. Even if the main character sucks at gambling and they portray it as something wrong, it still is quite the sensible subject for children.

old drunk

Back to the story itself, the show just looks like  a poor imitation of Robin Hood. Some town savior arrives, a small team of good-hearted villager, and they protect the poor from the rich. That story has been used many time, this isn’t anything original and it makes it look like the rich are all super evil person as usual. This anime is a standard battle anime, You can already tell that nothing worthwhile will come out of it. The story is generic, the characters are generic original characters. What I mean by that is that the character might be different a little from the norm, but they all fit basic character genre. The sloppy hero, the pervy and intelligent grandpa, the studious doctor, the raging sister and the seductress. If you give them those description just about anyone can perfectly guess the characters.

old guy

This show really has nothing going for it, the pacing is boring, the characters are boring and  I doubt any kind of serious story will come out of this, this will only be an entertaining show for kids to watch, nothing complicated with fast paced episode full of action and special move and contraptions.

golden rich castle

If you are 12, you might very well love this show and don’t take this as an insult to 12 years old I was twelve not so long ago too and I would have loved this show. Unfortunately my brain is now old and dull and shows like this simply doesn’t excite me anymore. Maybe when I get to 80 years old I’ll be able to watch this show and love it for how awesome it is.

ZeroGhj signing off

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