Barakamon episode 1 [First Impression]: Finding one self, the Journey of a Man

Barakamon village folks

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I am rather divided on this show, Barakamon is a very interesting story of a young man finding himself and understood both who he is and what he wants in life. A story which there a many, but told in a very serious and interesting way. The emotions and the message is interesting and told in a setting that brings to relaxation and pondering. It is rare that I see a show which as such a solemn atmosphere, an aura of both peace and understanding.

Barakamon having fun

This is why I have a lot of problem with the show. You see, turns out Barakamon classify itself as a comedy…yet I have not laughed or smile at a joke at any point during this first episode. I would even dare say…I’m not sure I actually understood what was supposed to be funny. Is it simply because the kind of humour is simply too different from mine or because the comedy in the show is abysmal? Difficult to tell. I can definitively tell you though that it bring me to think there might be something fundamentally wrong with the show that hasn’t surfaced enough in this first episode.

For one, I found the moments of silliness to take way too long in the episode. The progress and internal development of the main character through his meetings was really interesting, but having the small kid be kicked out of the house multiple times felt like it was just dragging on the episode for no reason. There were a lot of moment that seem simply inappropriate or unnecessary. I understand we need to establish the kind of life that occurs in this small village, I understand we need to set our characters, but there was just too much of element dragging on would be my main complaint.

Barakamon having fun

While Barakamon is a very interesting anime, and while I am still interesting in seeing the second episode and keep watching it for a little while, I am not interested in the least in blogging this show. I feel there is high risk of things going in the wrong direction or dragging on and I would like to be able to drop this show at any point when it stops being interesting. I would recommend for people to give this first episode a watch though, it is a pretty interesting concept.

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