Beach 327: Explosions !!!


Komamura fight Soi Fon, who will prevail? Komamura’s strength or Soi Fon Agility?



I don’t know if it is just me, but I’m starting to get bored with those meaningless fight. Maybe it is because the outcome is so obvious, or because there is nothing new in those fights, but I feel like I have watch enough of those. I’m ready for something new, something I have never seen before. But I guess the fighting is far from over.


The fight between Komamura and Soi-fon, while fun to watch, was really not what I expected it to be. I have no idea why Soi-fon did not use her shikai while in Shunko. She gain so much speed she could have easily overpowered Komamura. But no, instead she choose to use her bare hand. It ain’t like her shikai was that difficult to wield, it is just an addition to her fist. She had no reason not to do it. Soi-fon should have won this. Komamura is just a big strong bear, there is no strategy or skill involved in his movement, just pure strength.

Oversized Weapon


Maybe I felt dissatisfied with this episode because I dislike Komamura so much, this might be a good reason. At least we got a bit of fighting between Byakuya and his clone. Which was entertaining, but I really wonder on that scene when the clone cuts Byakuya after a really fast strike, how could he strikes to cut both Byakuya’s arm and his cheeks in that small time gap. How could he have landed to strikes in that lighting moment? if he was indeed so fast he would have destroyed the real Byakuya without any difficulty. Maybe he was lucky and his sword hit both part of Byakuya’s body at once? who knows. (If you do know please tell me).

How the fuck did you do that man !

For the rest of the episode we got to see Yamamoto get pissed and on fire, but that fight is starting to be a bit boring, since nothing new really happen, just Yamamoto who gets weaker and weaker over time. The only other cool thing we got to see was the two massive explosion at the end, when Yamamoto finally decides to do something and Soi Fon uses her bankai to kill herself.

I think there is a Metallica show over there!

Soi fon using her bankai on such close range was quite hilarious, its like shooting a nuke on your own country, it is self suicide. But for some reason Soi fon did not die and neither Komomura, that fox fur must be fire-proof.




Another episode gone, another fight was fought. How many more fight will there be before some final confrontation? There ain’t many captain left to be defeated, surely this is coming to an end soon. I sure hope it does, I’m ready to see something new anytime.


ZeroG signing off



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