Beelzebub Episode 11: Himekawa Fails

This week, as the Spring season is on a start, Beelzebub has decided to give us a new opening! To start off, let me mention that I found it much more enjoyable than the first one. I seriously hated the song for the first opening and always skipped it because it was so bad -_-‘. Anyways, animation-wise, the opening isn’t too impressive either, however there is one thing I found absolutely adorable, and that was Baby Beel’s booty shake: Oh. My. God. d’Awwwww ^.^ . Apart from that, the rest was ordinary, and here’s the video for it the booty shake is 58 seconds into the opening 🙂: Now that that’s done, let’s summarize this thing!

After showing once more this amazing BABY BEEL BOOTY SHAKE!!!


*COUGHCOUGH* Sorry, I meant it’s the week he will win. Yeah. He’ll win against Oga. *coughcough* Sure.

Persuaded that money can buy everything, Himekawa plans out super secret satanic ways to try and get rid of Oga, because he’s too much of a wimp to do it the traditional way. The whole episode is centered around this plotline, as he tries many different ways to defeat Oga the wimpy underhanded way and fails miserably. After he runs out of money, he whines, then encounters Natsume and the other transvestite, has a small conversation with them and decides to go beat up Oga by himself not gonna happen. It takes a VERY SCARY cafeteria lady, another 5 seconds, and Himekawa is back to his underhanded ways, this time without money. He fails once more, and in the end nothing happened and the episode ends.



Well, this was basically another useless episode… Meh, what can I say?

Himekawa’s an idiot, this episode was funny, Natsume’s awesome and Baby Beel is adorable :D.

But let’s move on! This week obviously looked like another funny filler, I’m just a little curious as to how the main plot will eventually turn out, if there is one let’s hope so. Heck, I’m not even sure anymore how long this is going to last, so there could be a huge plot or a short one or none at all, there’s no way for me to know this right now…

I personally don’t like Himekawa that much, so for me I didn’t really like this episode as much as the other ones. Parts of it were really funny, however overall the episode didn’t impress me that much. It was, after all, a filler… Well, kinda.

Character-wise, we still learned a little bit more about the thugs. Natsume is exactly the kind of awesome guy I thought he was, the kind that just sticks around because he wants to see interesting things, without having any attachment whatsoever to anyone. As for Furuichi, I feel so, sooo bad for him… Having Alaindelon hit on him must be really scary, especially since they live in the same house…O_O RAAAAAAAPE ALERT… Anyways. The cafeteria lady is also one scary character… Man, she works at a delinquent school and now we all know why O_O.

The new ED also appeared in this episode. The imagery involves Hilda, Kunieda, dancing and smiles, and in the end we see a little of the other characters. The animation is pretty cool, it’s different from the anime and a little weird but I like it, and the song was catchy. It’s not such a bad ED, really.

Facial Expression of the Week


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