Beelzebub Episode 12: Don’t Even Think About Sleeping -_-‘

Awwwwww, man. It looks like this week, Baby Beel is in a very bad mood. Even scary things don’t stop him from crying and blowing everything up… -_-‘



It turns out is having, just like every other baby, a very bad case of night crying. Now, it wouldn’t be so bad, apart from the fact that Baby Beel’s cries are basically 3 times louder than a normal baby, and moreover don’t forget that he blows up the world whenever he cries… Now imagine that… at 3 in the morning. And think about how Oga should feel about that. Exactly my point I’m glad I’m not him.

Alright, so in order to try and solve this problem, Oga first tries to make him take a bath, however we learn that Baby Beel had a trauma while still in hell and is scared of being soaked in hot water I pity him, but at the same time… That’s SO cute!. The next day, the whole family comes to a conclusion that if they play with him all day he’ll be tired enough and sleep at night, and so everyone joins in and in the end Baby Beel manages to sleep finally… Until he’s awaken by Hilda Good fucking job. Hilda then concludes that she needs to get a certain toy in the Demon world in order to cheer him up, and while she is away Oga goes to school, where everyone is lacking sleep because of the very very very very very annoying baby. While Baby Beel is sleeping, everyone at school dreams funny things while they’re also recovering, and after a very long day Hilda comes to the conclusion that she has to bring Baby Beel back to the Demon World. Oga starts being all sad Oh, what do I see?! Affetion?! Compassion?! COULD IT BE?!?!?!?!, however it turns out it was a dream and in the end, after a cute scene where Oga actually shows some affection towards Baby Beel I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s true we learn that the toy that Hilda has brought back is even worse than Baby Beel’s night crying Oh joy.



And thus, another almost useless episode has just finished! Why useless? Because Baby Beel’s actions didn’t change anything to the story. Why almost useless? Because Oga finally showed some emotion towards Baby Beel, and because we finally saw the last TKKH, Tojo, and I’m thinking that in the next few episodes we will start his short arc. Hopefully, it’ll be longer than the other arcs because I’ve been waiting a while for this one -_-‘. Moreover, he’s the last TKKH, he has to be badass and at least give Oga some kind of a challenge… Right?

You better be as badass as you look… *glares* Unlike the other 2 idiots (Kunieda doesn’t count, she’s too cool :D)

Anyways… This episode was quite entertaining just like all the other ones, at times I found it a bit long because I’m getting tired of useless episodes, however it was still hilarious. These last few episodes didn’t have Baby Beel crying as much, I’m guessing they decided to throw that episode in so that we could remember how much of a pain in the ass he is. I also thought that he was really adorable during this whole episode, particularly when we learned that he hated being soaked in hot water. d’Awwww ^.^ .

As for character talk, we also got to know more about Oga’s family: Basically, his sister’s insane and his dad is RETARDED. End of story.

The most important part, however, was definitely the end, where Oga shows that he likes Baby Beel. This is actually one really important scene, since all Oga has been trying to do so far is to get rid of Baby Beel. Since he’s gotten attached to him now, I’m starting to wonder: How will he and Tojo end up fighting? There’s obviously going to be some intense battle here… AWESOME. I can’t wait! 😀

Facial Expression of the Week

D: But… I thought Christmas had passed already…



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