Beelzebub Episode 14: Kanzaki’s Not-so-Sweet Revenge

A few weeks ago, we got to witness how much of a failure Himekawa, the money-loving thug, was. This week, it’s Kanzaki’s turn to fail. Miserably. Apparently, he has been training like a maniac, trying to figure out a new technique that would work on Oga and knock him out in one shot. Now, since it’s Kanzaki and he always fails, his technique of “double-heel-smash” fails because he’s too dumb or too much of a wuss to figure out that he needs to do a frontflip in order to get both his heels down. Natsume then decides to come and help out, and he shows them videos of Oga’s fight, which makes the Shiroyama think obviously that the secret to Oga’s power is the baby! That’s right, because Oga carries a baby around, he carries around more weight, therefore it makes him be much stronger! Wow, I knew you were stupid, but I thought you had your limits.

Meanwhile, Oga is giving Baby Beel a hard time by completely ignoring him although the baby wants to go outside really badly. The scene then goes back to Kanzaki, who tries to run with the fake baby, however after a while he realizes that it won’t work because “it’s not a real baby” I’m surprised Natsume’s not saying anything to these repetitive acts of stupidity… Come on, I thought you were smart, DO SOMETHING!. Therefore, he goes on a quest to find a baby why not ask your dad to make it? Yes, because that’s obviously the proper way, but (so not surprisingly) it fails, then Shiroyama tries to replace it by other living things and only ends up being arrested by the cops.

There’s no way you can replace Baby Beel and his booty shake. Don’t even try.

Alright, now the next idea Hiroyama gets is just… disturbing… and scary… and I really don’t feel like explaining it in details because it’s kinda traumatizing Once again, Natsume, I’m disappointed...

In the second half of this episode, Baby Beel and Hilda finally manage to convince Oga to take the baby to the park. Over there, he meets once again Aoi, this time with Furuichi, and once again Aoi freaks out because she’s afraid Furuichi will reconize her. He obviously doesn’t because the whole Beelzebub world is made up of idiots, and we then learn the ugly truth: Kouta is gone missing!

Now, meanwhile, Kanzaki is at the park, sees Kouta alone and thinks “THERE’S MY BABY!”. He takes him, then starts his intense training while Oga and the other 2 are trying to find Kouta. They finally find both him and Kanzaki, and after a small conversation and another failed attempt at trying to beat Oga, Kanzaki goes back to his friends and they all go back home, laughing and running like little girls and I’m not even joking.


Meh. Filler.

Considering I hate deeply Kanzaki because he’s a freakin’ loser, I didn’t find this episode as funny as it should have been, and although many jokes still made me laugh I have to say that I’m kinda sick of filler episodes that mean nothing. I want an actual storyline going!

At least, the preview tells us that next episode we will have Tojo showing up, hopefully he’ll pose more of a threat to Oga than the other 3…

Anyways… Sorry for the lazy impression… At least I made my summary properly, although I had to force myself to keep it going and not just erase it all to make it into one sentence.

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