Beelzebub Episode 15: Searching for Tojo… And searching some more…

After a very traumatizing first scene, Furuichi complains to Oga how he can’t stand Alaindelon’s flirting anymore with reason and supports Oga in giving the baby to someone else because of this. He then talks about Tojo, the last and strongest TKKH, and then we are shown a conversation between Himekawa and Kanzaki with their lackeys, hoping that both Oga and Tojo will crush each other.


With some help from Himekawa, Furuichi figures out that Tojo is working at a beach, Kunieda overhears, and right after this scene we learn that Tojo just got fired from the place for beating people up. He’s looking for a challenge, then hears about Oga Tatsumi and we see what seems to be a kind of Zebul Spell on his arm Woahwoahwoah, there. That looks interesting.

The next day, everyone goes to the beach, however a big part of the day ends up being completely useless since Tojo doesn’t work there anymore. Oga stays on the beach though, and it turns out that Tojo himself is still there, looking for arm wrestlers what tough guys do when they’re bored... After some more searching, Oga gives up and then decides to send Tojo a letter of challenge, for both of them to meet up later on. Oga is about to get there, then gets distracted by the absolutely idiotic and weak and hated MK5, and ends up showing up really late, missing Tojo. In the end, this episode was basically useless and it looks like next week is back to useless episodes hopefully not.


Wow, fail.

And here I was finally happy that we were back on track with the storyline -_-‘.

I really liked this episode, however I would’ve enjoyed it better had Oga met Tojo on the beach and they would have ended this on a sweet cliffhanger, instead of making it into an episode that we thought had great plot until we realized it was just as useless as the others. We got to know a bit more about Tojo, but apart from that there was nothing much except swimsuits and Furuichi freaking out about them.

The only thing that got me really curious though, was Tojo’s arm. There seems to be a kind of Zebul Spell on it, and it makes me wonder… Is it just a tattoo or does it really have something to do with the Demon World? Also, according to Kunieda, Oga doesn’t stand a chance, so I kinda want to know if Oga will end up giving Baby Beel away and then he’ll regret it and have to go get it back or something. That would be a good plot I guess, it would definitely fill up more of this and finally start off something good -_-‘.

Apart from that, some parts of this episode were funny, however a lot of things are becoming redundant, since the side characters always do the exact same thing every episode. Kunieda fantasizes over unreal thing, so does Furuichi, Alaindelon creeps everyone out and the MK5 can go die in a hole.

…Meh, I really hope that next week will follow-up this episode, however unfortunately the preview didn’t show much… :/.

Facial Expression of the Week

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