Beelzebub Episode 19: Too Much Comedy

Going back from when Oga got his ass kicked, he decided afterwards to go back home, only to get his ass kicked mentally by Hilda as she yells at him for having gotten his ass kicked. She then introduces him To Dr. Blob-whatever-with-a-long-ass-name and his assistant, Lamia. Dr. Blob seems really awesome, as for Lamia, she’s apparently the stuck up bitch of the story who believes she’s better than everyone else shut up. You look like a 4th grader.

We then learn about Baby Beel’s sickness, the Royal Fever, which consists in him having too much magical power in him for anyone to be able to withstand it. We then learn that Tojo has a kitteh fettish wtf, and that he took in Baby Beel like he takes in an animal. The baby, on his side, thinks for some reason that he is Oga, and that is why he is clinging to him.

With this, it is decided at Oga’s house that they will get Baby Beel back, and then Oga is thrown into Dreamland by Lamia who happens to carry some kind of weird guns with her that make Oga loop and loop and loop the same thing over and over again in his mind until the link with Baby Beel is restored.

I'm getting some Alice in Wonderland vibes, here...

Oga enters this world called “his mind”, which I doubt is his actual mind because it seems to me as though Oga just entered Drugland. In the end, Oga has to defeat peaceful versions of himself that keep duplicating every time you punch them, then finally sees Baby Beel and has to confront another challenge which we don’t get to know about since Oga wakes up and apparently everything is fine.

Meanwhile, Tojo learns that the baby he’s carrying is Oga’s baby, and the episode ends as Oga is finally starting the chase again for the baby.



You know, I’m still waiting for that serious moment… There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of badassery in this, it’s just stupidity over stupidity, I WANT BADASS TIMES!

You, you're badass. Whatever I complain about in this show, you're not included because you look way too cool for me to complain about you.

To be honest, this arc could have been done so much better in so many ways, and right now I’m just getting annoyed over the fact that everything is just stupid and dumb.

I mean, come on, now we’ve learned that Tojo has a cat fetish? Isn’t he supposed to be the “bad guy” of the story? -_-‘ Moreover, that Zebul Spell on him was basically completely forgotten, in a totally stupid manner, and Oga’s “training” was completely useless and simply showed that this episode was pretty much a filler. Seriously, nothing made sense in that world, and in a way it bored me off completely because it wasn’t really the time for such a huge parody/comedy scene to happen.Beforehand I used to be really psyched for the upcoming action, yet now I’m just getting disappointed more and more as the episodes go along because so far, there is no action or suspense or anything. At least next episode looks decent… For now -_-‘.

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