Beelzebub Episode 1 [First Impression]: It's the new shounen!

Yaaaaaay, shounen. Yaaaaaay, badass characters, funny moments and sweet demon powers. Yaaaay.

You. Look. Awesome.

Alright, so the story starts off as Oga, our main character and delinquent at Ishiyama High, also called “the Demon”, is challenged by a random dude that doesn’t need a name since his ass will get owned anyways. As he goes to attack, Oga suddenly starts “sweating”, at least that’s what the others think, until we find out that a baby is pissing on his head, the one he has to take care of and the one that’ll probably make up the whole story. After different arguments, the baby hangs onto the random dude and starts crying, therefore causing the world to explode and everyone to die around him. This is definitely not a normal baby If all babies were like that it would get dangerous.

Yaaay, piss! On someone's head! /sarcasm

After the opening that has a weird rap song in the back that I hate already, not a very good start, Oga starts explaining to his friend how he got the baby in the first place. Basically, his story makes no sense, however it happened. He saw a floating big guy, split him in half and POOF there was a baby WTF THIS IS RETARDED! But funny…. Anyways, not too long after this derp explanation, we find out that the baby is A PAIN IN THE ASS very difficult to take care of, because every time he cries he electrifies everyone around him and causes random explosions.

It takes another bit of time before the actual storyline starts, and we meet some girl that just went through a portal on a very ugly looking bird as she looks for “something that is near” the baby, obviously. We learn not too long after that she is the baby’s servant, Hildegarde, a demon. We also learn of the baby’s origin, he is in fact the Beelzebub, King of Demons, sent by his original father to destroy humanity. Except, now Oga was chosen, and seems to be stuck with him for a while, because if he refuses to take care of the baby he dies.

Then follows Oga and his friend trying their best to escape the freaky girl running after them, however in the end they fail and Hildegarde let’s a drop of Oga’s blood fall on the baby, therefore making him bawl his eyes out and throw a huge fit that shouldn’t be stoppable but Oga does it anyways ’cause he’s badass. Follows some badass words, then Oga is about to leave the baby there, however as Beelzebub is about to get crushed by a steel tower he saves him and suddenly this badass power between Oga and Beelzebub breaks out and destroys the steel tower. As Oga wakes up in his room and follows the cliché “it was a dream? Pfiouh” sentence, only for the nightmare to be reality, he looks around and sees Beelzebub, and apparently now Hildegarde will be staying also in order to take care of the baby, and thus the episode ends.

First Impression:

Yep, it’s a shounen all right, it has all the characteristics of a shounen and so far I don’t quite know what to say except that it looks exactly like a shounen. It’s funny, badass, has a lot of action and fantasy stuff and has a lot of badass looking characters.

First off, I like Oga. He’s a sweet character, the complete antihero, and looks really awesome. So far, that’s basically all I have to say about him. Oh, and his power looks pretty cool also, whatever that power might be.

About the others, I’m not quite sure yet. As for the humour, omfg this is hilarious. Beelzebub pissing on Oga’s head, the world exploding when the baby cries and Oga’s evil reactions are the best.

Moreover, what would I do without those PRICELESS facial expressions?!

…To be honest, I dunno quite what else to say. It is a shounen after all, meaning the basic storyline hasn’t yet been established, I dunno much about the characters, and what I’ve seen is pretty much the same thing as all other shounens so far. The background music was sweet and badass, I love that kind of music. Apart from that, I really dunno what to say. Oh yeah, the ending song is really good! :3 Ok I’m done.

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