Beelzebub Episode 21: *sighs*

It’s time for a badass battle! Now let’s just hope it actually will be badass… Which I doubt… *curls up in a corner, ready to cry at any moment*

Kanzaki and Himekawa are also on the verge of a badass fight, Furuichi arrives, so does Alaindelon, alright so let’s start this…

Oga puts Baby Beel on the side and tells him ” no one can interfere”. *sighs*

Kanzaki and Himekawa get owned, and we don’t even see their fight *sighs*.


We are now back in Oga’s fight against Tojo he’s getting owned *sighs*, who for some reason manages to get Baby Beel’s power at a distance and then he blocks a FIREWORK coming his way O___O. That. is cool.Then, Oga tells Baby Beel again that he shouldn’t have gotten involved, and then he gets yelled at by Lamia because he can’t win without Baby Beel’s help. Oga still ignores her, goes back to his fight without Baby Beel, and Tojo looks at him, suddenly understanding something.

And so, they keep fighting! Oga suddenly becomes stronger with a power that everyone ignored he had, a power that decided to show up out of nowhere okay then, he then beats Tojo and we get a flashback of what Tojo’s life was when he was a kid. It turns out that the Zebul Spell on his arm is only a tattoo and a copy of someone he knew in the past when he was still a kid.



*sighs* Okay, so the fight wasn’t that bad. I have to say I’m still quite disappointed with the fight scenes. Say whatever you want to try and change my mind, I’m now dropping this because with the plot point they gave us and the fact that we still don’t know how many episodes there will be means that it’ll probably be longer than 23-24 episodes, which means that I won’t be able to withstand it.

This part was still cool... But not enough.

Yes, it’s a funny show, yes the plot isn’t bad, but for me to follow it until the end it has to be better than what I have seen so far. Bye bye, show! I might watch it, but I don’t have enough motivation for me to blog it.

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