Beelzebub Episode 6: Keep trying, Oga, but the Zebul Spell will NOT disappear… Trust me on that.

After spending a whole week doing nothing but playing video games, the Zebul mark has finally shrunk back to what it was before and it makes Hilda and me very angry about the matter I mean, we finally had some badass power going on, why did Oga have to go and mess it up?.

Part 1: Playhouse; “Magical Beast” EditionIt is during episode 6 that Oga learns of new toys available in the Demon World. His first experience with them consists of a seemingly normal playhouse which turns out to be a death trap for him and Hilda, and only Baby Beel can solve the “puzzle” that is the key to opening it. After many minutes where Oga and Hilda try their best to ask Baby Beel to solve it, our cute little PAIN IN THE ASS baby decides to break the puzzle instead of solving it. Upon seeing this, Oga goes mad and manages to destroy the playground using Baby Beel’s power. Unfortunately for him, the Zebul mark has reverted to taking over his whole arm Yaaaay for us!

Part 2: The Killer Doctor Game

After Oga has managed once again to make the Zebul Spell shrink a little bit, he then discovers another new toy available for babies in the Demon World: The Doctor simulator. Oga and Furuichi are suddenly transformed into nurses and Baby Beel gets cute doctor clothes and absolutely have to cure someone in order to go back into their normal clothes On a side note: WTF IS THIS NONSENSE?!?!?!?!, using tools from the Demon World. After a failed attempt at trying to cure our 4 loser thugs Meh, whatever, no one really cares about them anyways, it turns out there is a tool that Baby Beel possesses that can cure everyone in 2 seconds. After this, Oga, Furuichi and Baby Beel go back to normal, and only seconds after the Zebul Spell has reverted completely does Oga accidentally make the world blow up using once again one of Baby Beel’s toys, therefore failing once again because the mark is back to the biggie it was.


Sooo… Let me get this straight. Oga manages to make the Zebul Spell shrink, it goes big again, he shrinks it again, it goes big again No, I am not talking about a guy’s toy. Just thought I’d make that clear. So, in other words, this episode was basically a big bunch of nothing :). It was funny, though, and although it stretches the show a bit it helps us understand a little bit more of Oga’s personality.

I mean, ever since the beginning, Oga has been trying to get rid of the baby because he’s reaaaaaally tough to take care of. After the appearance of the Zebul Spell, it’s quite obvious that he would want to get rid of that mark in order to go back to his life from before Baby Beel came in. Therefore, the episode made sense, but still, I got an impression in the end that it was completely useless because in the end nothing changed.


Ahhh, shounens… How they are so addictive, yet so stretched!!! I can’t wait until next episode already.

By the way, this “Zebul Spell” has perked my curiosity. I mean, apparently once that thing covers up Oga’s whole body Baby Beel will destroy the world. Which, in itself, is an interesting concept, however I have to mention that that thing is already covering up Oga’s whole forearm! I mean, how long do they intend to stretch this out for? Obviously there will be a huge story happening before that happens and it will make this last longer, but how are they gonna prevent Oga from beating up people and how are they gonna prevent the Zebul Spell from growing? I’m curious. Like, reaaaaally curious.

So yeah. This week was a tease episode, not quite useful but still useful in the end It might sound confusing, but it makes sense in my head. It was funny, but I didn’t laugh that much, and this episode managed to make me very curious rather than the other episodes where I just laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

To finish off this post on a side note, Baby Beel is wearing clothes in this episode! Yaaaaaaaaay :).

Facial Expression of the Week


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