Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 [First Impression]: “Awesome” remake

So, that’s what they call a make-over? Gee, if this was supposed to look super wonderful, I’m afraid to know what a bad remake would look like.

sailor moon


Well… You know… Sailor Moon and shit.


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Overall, the art of the show itself wasn’t so bad. Many still shots were clearly worked on, the OPs and EDs were revamped to the max and the colours were made to look extremely vibrant and flashy, which works well with the feeling of happy sunshine that the show gives.

sailor moon pose

Some poses like this one honestly looked cool as shit.

But then again, while some shots were done really well, I also felt like some parts of the show were clearly half-assed; I would normally forgive them if the show was running on a low budget, but this is Sailor Moon we’re talking about, and the whole point of this remake was for it to look better in the first place. I understand they wanted to make money off of this, but still, at least do a good job at providing what you advertised…

Did a kid colour those planets with paint or what?

Did a kid colour those planets with paint or what?

As for the actual movement animation, what I have to say isn’t that good either, because the FPS of the whole thing was so god damn slow and choppy that I had time to yawn between each fame. The only thing that could forgive this flaw is the fact that they are working with the same story as before, which would mean that they couldn’t improve the pacing as much unless they added scenes… Which would have been so difficult… Right…

sailor moon transformation sequenceAs for the 3D Animation used, I enjoyed seeing Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence being completely remade, but everything else in the show itself was pretty simple and by no means was it well done. And finally, the last thing I have to mention in terms of technical shit being failures, is Usagi’s VA, which I wanted to punch through many brick walls because she sounded so god damn annoying. Any more high pitched than this and I’m sure only dogs would be able to hear her.

None the less, this whole show manages to bring a lot of nostalgia to my heart, not as an old time Sailor Moon fan, but rather as a kid from the 90’s where I was surrounded by cheesy and girly things like Disney Princess romance and fabulous Magical Girl transformations. Now that it has been done and re-done, ‘love at first sight’ encounters don’t catch on as much anymore and Magical Girls get laughed at unless taken less seriously as how they were taken back in the day. Because of this fact, I still somehow managed to pull through this first episode okay… As a non-lover of the old series, however, I can’t be expected to pull through all of this; I don’t like Magical Girls, and Sailor Moon is clearly not going to change my mind on that.

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  1. Have you tried watching Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, or you could even try reading the Mahou Shoujo of The End manga? =^ ^=

    • Myst says:

      I watched Madoka twice, but haven’t read the manga you mentioned, because magical girls aren’t exactly the genre of anime I particularly like.

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