Non Non Biyori epsiode 1 [First Impression]: Slow and Boring

Non Non Biyori wtf am I doing

Damn, I never thought it possible to make a show as boring as this one. Non Non Biyori is an all girl, slice of life, school life, borefest. I must admit I stopped watching before the end because I couldn’t bear this boringness any longer. I think I’ve seen paint dry in more interesting ways.

Non Non Biyori tanuki

The show is really slow, it took a good 5 minutes before the first real word was spoken and even after that discussion was scarce and random. The show is a big pile of nothing really, nothing happens, nothing makes sense, nothing is interesting and you just have to have some weird kind of humour to actually get the jokes, if those were even jokes, to be honest I’m unsure what the hell I watched.

Non Non Biyori is about a new student who comes from Tokyo to the wild uncivilized part of japan and while the concept could have been interesting…boy did they managed to make everything so boring and unappealing. The art is fine, the music works well, but the very nature of the show is so sloooow. I think I could have seen the whole episode in a 3 minute anime and maybe I would of liked it, but those 30 minutes are 30 minutes of my life I have completely wasted and will never get back.

Non Non Biyori school life

I don’t recommend this show to ANYONE, I don’t think that no matter your taste you can like this, the show is beyond boring and random, it is slow, it is generic in its complete suckiness and seriously why did I even watch that thing. I won’t be blogging it, I won’t be watching it, and to be honest even this short first impression is too much credit to the existence of that…thing, I wish it never happened.

ZeroGhj signing off

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