Black Bullet episode 1 [First Impression]: Another one of these

Black Bullet fighting spider

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As a Seinen lover, I was looking forward to Black Bullet, the premise of the show is really cool, the actual post-apocalyptic/on the brink of extinction universe is quite interesting too, but after the first episode of Black Bullet I find myself extremely disappointed with what I just watched.

Black Bullet insect attack

While Black Bullet does have an interesting premise, the actual way the infection is handled makes it look like every single one of the other alien infection show that ever existed. There is really no originality in the way it is handled, seeing little girl and high school boy fight insect-like monster that infect people and erupt from people bodies has been done, over and over again. I’m getting sick of the concept and really wish they could find a way to make it look a bit different, give a new spin to it, but black bullet does none of that.

Black Bullet faceless well dressed man

While the universe of the show is something new, everything else is cliché. From school girl and silly immature interaction, from the way the monster are to the battle sequence, everything in the show has been done countless time and because of this, Black Bullet will probably end up as just “Another one of those” kind of show. The show seems more intellectual and researched than most of its kind, but that doesn’t do any good if there is nothing to show for it. I love big, bright scientific explanation to justify the show, but it goes nowhere if you are trying to justify a never ending cliché of loli schoolgirl fighting big monsters.

Black Bullet daily life

I’ll probably have to give Black Bullet a few more episode to verify if things don’t go a different direction from what we saw so far, but currently I have no interest in the show after watching the first episode, all the excitement from the summary is gone in a single episode and I’m left with a bad sense of regret for expecting something more than the usual from a show like this. Unless episode 2 suddenly turn things around, you won’t see another review of Black Bullet here. I don’t really recommend the show, there are much better thing to watch this season, don’t waste your time here.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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