Blade and Soul episode 1 [First Impression]: Ninja with Guns and Vengeance

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Before we get into this review I must say that I come from a background where I have no knowledge what so ever about the game depicted in this anime, so my point of view is one of a complete outsider of the story and culture of the game. Other than it being a korean MMORPG and having played other korean RPG, I have no preconceived notion as to what the story and character could be.

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The show didn’t lose time to get straight to the point and into action, the character and universe wasn’t really introduced, we just jumped straight into the story and discover things as we go along. I like the concept, I like the idea of learning as the story progress, but it also often means that the story will be mostly action based and not really deep into intellectual and moral dilemmas. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but I myself love complex shows a bit more than simple one.

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If there is one thing that this show did really great that really represents korean MMORPG it is definitively the armor and clothes of the female characters, those kind of revealing clothes are always present in those kind of game and they are well made and represented in the show, by all this all I mean to say is…boobs, cleavage woohoo!

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Blade and Soul is a really pretty and well animated anime, it uses a traditional fantasy art style that has been used before and works very well for this kind of production. The pacing for the episode was fairly fast, so one could expect a show that evolved and escalate very quickly in Blade and Soul if things keeps on the same pace. While there is nothing inherently special about Blade and Soul, it looks like a quite interesting show that I would definitively give a try. The show is a rather traditional fantasy/action shounen and I was able to follow just fine even with no knowledge of the game it was taken for.

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I don’t believe that Blade and Soul is something I could have episodic review of because of the nature of the show. Action is awesome to watch, but rather shallow to discuss and having no knowledge of the universe the show is set in puts me at an even bigger disadvantage when it comes to relating interesting observations and questions about the story and universe. I will not blog Blade and Soul past this first episode, but I definitively recommend it to any male audience member looking for a ninja / fantasy / adventure kind of story, of a renegade bad ass girl assassin with slutty outfit that goes out for revenge against an empire. Cliché story, but one that always work and is fun to turn off your mind and just enjoy for what it is.

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