BlazBlue – Alter Memory episode 1 [First Impression]: Generic Shounen #2384

BlazBlue - Alter Memory killed

BlazBlue is a generic shounen that features a fantasy steam-punk universe with cat-people, vampire and all that good stuff. Unfortunately the show didn’t impress me that much and here is why in a few words: poor sound, generic and unimmersive.

BlazBlue - Alter Memory memories

The sound is this show feels really off, explosions and combats are just too loud compared to everything else. I don’t know why this show would have such a problem, but it got really annoying after a while to have the sounds suddenly increase just to hear a loud obnoxious sound of explosions. Of course this is something that might easily be fixed in future episode, but it remains that it gives a rather poor impression of the show.

BlazBlue - Alter Memory super sword man

The show looks like a really generic shounen and to be honest I have trouble seeing anything about it that wasn’t already done at some time or another. The formula is the same obviously, but the universe isn’t that intriguing either. The concept of time looping about and history repeating itself is interesting, but it was done time and time before, the universe looks like a steam-punk setting but in more anime style. Meanwhile like any crappy generic shounen you have little cuty beast that helps the hero and to be honest those kind of character just get on my nerve. I just hate shounen that tries to be serious but add ridiculous character to the mix. It doesn’t help that the show has cat character everywhere just for the cute factor.

BlazBlue - Alter Memory nyan

Having said all of this, it is still a shounen and shounen are usually good even when they don’t try to much. I’d say that Blaze-Blue will probably be a decent show for those who watch it, I doubt it will fail completely, but it is still too generic for me to blog it. There are many shows out there this season and BlazBlue simply doesn’t cut it for me this season, I’d rather blog and watch something more interesting, new and fresh.

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