Bleach 306: The Fall of the Boobies


Ichigo is fighting his Inner power in order to push them to teach him the Final Gatgetsu. Meanwhile Asano and Arisawa are saved by an old acquaintance of theirs.

Who shall suceed, Ichigo or the power inside of him?


It feels like it’s been weeks since we had a decent bleach episode…oh wait, it was.

So last real episode we left off at the point where Asano and Arisawa were about to get annihilated by Aizen. Hopefully this episode starts off with our great savior…Don Kanonji. Seriously? I’m pretty sure Arisawa would have rather died than see HIM appear out of nowhere. Don Kanonji proceeds to unleash it’s ultimate cannon ball attack…



It was not very effective

That was kind of ineffective.

But Don Kanonji, in all his wisdom, decide to attack Aizen head on with his staff of doom, hopefully for him, and unfortunately for us, Matsumoto arrives just in time to stop his swing and save him from certain death.

Don Kanonji and Arisawa, ordered to run, proceeds to compelled with their order. Matsumoto is now left alone, injured, facing Aizen and Gin.

Obviously this couldn’t end well for her, Gin took her away from Aizen. He proceeded to raises his swords to her, the sword slowly approaching her skin. It took only an instant after that for Gin to pierce her body and soul with a single swift, clean thrust of his sword. We saw Matsumoto, laying on her back, her face looking at a distant sky, out of reach for her dying soul. The blood started marking the area around her body, to leave a mark to symbolize and immortalize where she will die.


Now I might have over exaggerated that a little. After all, this is bleach, the world where no one ever truly dies.

While running away Arisawa runs into Asano who took the sword from the shinigami in charge of protecting karakura town. Now it is kind of silly that this shinigami was still in the town, since the town is now in soul society, plus it is kind of funny he is always and no one bothered to tell him to exit the city before they moved it. But at the same time the guy is so worthless it doesn’t really matter.

So now Arisawa and Asano are running away from Aizen, and that part is to be continued

On the other end of the story you have Ichigo fighting his Zanpakuto and his inner hollow at the same time to unlock his Final Getsuga Tensho.  What I find funny is that his father said he would have to use meditation instead of brute force to learn this one…seems Ichigo is only able to use brute force after all. Ichigo fight will continue on next time, after all it just got started

Things I liked about this episode:

– Gin is awesome

– Arisawa is cool and all, not afraid of anything


This episode was awesome IF Matsumoto dies, I like the girl, but sacrifice are necessary for good shows. Otherwise Ichigo emo session seems to be over, maybe next episode will be as amazing as it looks.

So let’s see each other next week for another Bleach Review

ZeroG signing off

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