Bleach 308: Battle of the Titans


Gin lost his last chance of overthrowing Aizen and now that he is defeated, there is no one to protect Ichigo’s friend from the overwhelming power of the new evolved Aizen. Or so we were led to believe before an overly calm and confidant Ichigo appears.


Now this episode was quite interesting I must say.

At the beginning we had a glimpse at the motivation for Gin long-planned betrayal. He was willing to go to such extend to gives back Matsumoto’s power that Aizen once stole from her. Gin loved Matsumoto and he tried to give her back what was stolen from her, but in the end he failed.

Aizen explains that before Kisuke tried to create the Hogyoku he had already tested to creates his own, taking power from powerful individuals and putting it in the Hogyoku, but his effort failed. Kisuke Hogyoku too was incomplete, but when Aizen took Kisuke Hogyoku and fusion it with his own, it completed this impossibly powerful device of doom.

Now as Matsumoto does a dramatic dive from the sky towards Gin dying body, Aizen is free of all obstacle and ready to destroy the whole world with his newfound power.

But conveniently enough Ichigo shows up with perfect timing as always. But he looks…different.

In band camp we lost many, I am but a shell of my original self

He looks so fucking powerful even if nothing visually stunning changed on him, compared to the gloriously wonderful butterfly next to him that is. Aizen starts some small talk about Ichigo disappointing him, since he had no spiritual pressure left, but Ichigo just said STFU to Aizen and took him by force elsewhere for their battle.

Just follow me and shut up bitch

Now the level of power of their fight is quite astounding, with a single sword hit they destroyed a mountain. But their power are not of equal level, and Aizen was soon to realize it. Aizen use all his might in a deadly sword blow to try to shatter Ichigo’s sword to piece, but Ichigo was able to stop the sword by grabbing it with its hands.

Problem Aizen?

Aizen terrified at this power try a level 9 kido with a full incantation, but Ichigo destroys it with the back of its hand, looking bored. He then proceeded to tell Aizen that it’s not Aizen new form that gave the power to destroy that mountain, it was Ichigo’s new strength, and now Ichigo’s tired of playing with the butterfly, so he will crush it and tear each wings down, one by one.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Holy Shit Ichigo’s drank too much Power Thirst

– The look on Aizen faces when he saw Ichigo grab his sword reminded me of Vegeta’s face when Goku returned from the dead in the early time of Dragon Ball Z


So we are now aware that Ichigo is kicking butt and doesn’t seem to want to stop, but next episode we’ll finally know what happened in his head that make him so strong, we will finally understand what happened to him. I look forward to next week episode.

ZeroG signing off

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