Bleach 312: Omaeda Dreams come true


Omaeda tells some kids he saves that he is a captain, the rumor spread and soon a whole village think he is a captain. Things turns to nightmare when the kids from the village comes to visit him in seireitei.


The episode begin with Omaeda sleeping in the forest and waking up realizing he’s a lazy bastard that can’t do anything right. Nothing too unexpected as of yet. While running to save his skin from Soifon furry he accidentally falls on a Hollow who runs away, saving a little kid at the same time. Now in all his brilliance Omaeda says to the kid that he’s the captain of squad 2. Few minutes later a whole lost village thinks that Omaeda is squad 2 Captains.

Now Omaeda is not yet in trouble, since after all, why would anyone go to a village lost in the wood? also, why would there be a village there anyway? what kind of reason was there to build a village in the wood? lumber camp? a village of hunters? It looks like they are about a hundred in the village and they have more than 1 bar, what the hell is this !

Anyway, Omaeda eventually gets back to seireitei where he meets an indifferent Soy-fon, she really couldn’t be happier that the guy was not there. I really wonder how Omaeda got to be squad 2 lieutenant, he’s bad at fighting, obese = no stealth there and he is lazier than my dead grandma. He couldn’t possibly get there on reputation and wealth alone, or could he?

Still, now the guy is back in seireitei doing the squads dirty work and unbeknown to him the kids from lost-in-the-wood-village came to seireitei to visit him. Turns out Ichigo and Yoruichi were also coming to seireitei, so they escorted the kid to meet with Omaeda and Yoruichi, with all her evils intentions, helped Omaeda plays his lies.

Don't you just love my awesome photoshop skills?

First she greets and acknowledge Omaeda as Captain and then they take a walk through seireitei. On their walk they cross Ikkaku and Yumichika path, Yoroichi tells them to play along and in turn Omaeda generously pay them for their trouble, but quickly enough half of seireitei is playing by Omaeda’s rules and his cash is running low.

But now a new problem arise, Soifon herself is now standing in front of him. Now he’s fucked.  Or maybe not actually. Yoruichi seems to be having an incredible amount of fun today, and by her simple presence she’s able to turn Soifon emotion around and convince her to become Omaeda’s servant and play the game for the day.

Yoruichi is a real puppet master

Soifon has such a big kick on Yoruichi it is amazing, but I think what is even worse is Yoruichi’s love to play with her feeling. That cat would do anything for the lulz, she must be a lolcat.

Now with his newly acquired power over Soifon, the big lazy fat ass uses his power to make Soifon clean the whole squad 2 fortress and lot of other stuff, but Soifon is so fast she does it in some split second.

But now the kids are returning home, but they overhear Ikkaku and Yumichika saying that Omaeda is a liar and he’s not really a captain, and now the kids are all sad and stuff.

But then the kids are attacked by a hollow again and Omaeda nearly loses against a single hollow while her captain could probably handle a million of them on her own. But what ever right ! the guy defeated the hollow and saved the kid again.

Everything is fine and everyone is happy in the end!

P-S except Omaeda who now takes even more shit from Soifon for his insolence

Payback is a bitch

Things I liked about this episode:

– the episode was actually funny, I love seeing that loser get into trouble

– Seeing Yoruichi is always awesome, I wish I could have her as a pet!


The episode was quite  good despite being a filler. I can’t complain, it was well executed. I enjoyed seeing that fat ass get into all sort of trouble, I begin to develop a liking at hating that character. It has  been said at the end of the episode that there will be many more of those short stories to come in the future for the manga to catch up, so I hope they are all just as good as this one, that would make me a happy man.

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