Bleach 314: Parasitic Life


While Kon complains about being imprisoned inside of Ichigo’s room a unique hollow appears in karakura town and this one is harder to track down than expected.


Back to an interesting and fun episode of BLEACH: FILLER!! WOOHOO, Oh wait nevermind.

So this week episode involves Kon again, that pesky little green pill. He begins the episode complaining about how life was boring now that Ichigo was back, sounds like a young man complaining how life sucks now that his father is back and he needs the car again. Still Kon is as Heterosexual as ever and enjoy looking down on the street, I mean he has a great vantage point for looking down on girl cleavage from up there.

A girl with enormously large breasts walks nearby and turns out she will become important in this episode, yeppi for a dumb, large breasted secondary character, that is sooo original.

But turns out the girl wants to die, so she stand on the edge of a bridge ready to jump down, but hopefully Kon arrives just in time to convince her not to jump. He do so by jumping down the bridge instead of her, into a river about 50 cm deep. Now that is a much better idea ! The thing I don’t follow though is how Kon managed to survive the fall, and not have Ichigo’s bone shattered in a thousand pieces. Also if Kon survived that fall, how did the girl expected to die from that?

I like my tentacle rape in my bleach

Anyway, past those little things, now we have a hollow that hides in body to hide his spiritual pressure and eat his victims from the inside, so this hollow is kind of parasite, a hollow in need of a host to survive and to  be effective at what he does. Looks a bit like Kon doesn’t it? After all Kon is only a pill in need of a host to be able to walk/talk/do anything at all. But even though they are both parasite, they are different in that Kon as his host permission to injure and humiliate the host while in possession of his body, while the Hollow takes the body by force and suck it all up without asking for permission.

Condom broke? no problem !

but in the end the hollow died and everything went back to normal like if nothing ever happened, cheers for pointless story !

Things I liked about this episode:

– The Hollow was well done, It looked like it came straight out of a horror show, it was both horrifying and disturbingly erotic at the same time


Well another filler done, about a hundred more to go, Let’s hope I don’t accidentally kick that chair while I rest my head on that rope lying from the ceiling during the next episode of Bleach!

ZeroG signing off

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