Bleach 318: Let the fighting begin


Rukia helps Ichigo escape from the prison and everyone in Sereitei is actively looking for him, but something seems wrong with their friends from Sereitei.


Well first of, The first thing I thought of when I saw this episode is – great they got a new bullshit idea to make everyone fight everyone again without screwing up the story.

I mean everyone is always doing their geek about who is stronger than who on forum and stuff, everyone wants to see combats between X and X even though everyone knows they have no reasons to fight each other what so ever.

Well they found one, let’s make evil replica of each characters so we can have everyone fighting for some wanna be good reasons !

rawr rawr, I'm an evil clone

Anyway, while the reason for them fighting still sucks donkey balls, I still can’t say I will hate seeing them fight each other once again.

Now what is interesting will be to know who are the real and the false, I mean about half of the shinigami are so stupid that a replica of themselves or the original won’t change much to their personality.

Also something else that I was wondering was, are those who took part in the travel in the precipice world the only one who got changed by those replicas? or are other people also affected?

Now this is what I think is happening, Mayuri and Kenpachi were sent in the precipice world because they were the two only one on which the replica wouldn’t work, simply because Mayuri is the leader of  12th Guard Squad and therefore he won’t be able to be fooled by his own subordinate and Kenpachi is such a badass that he is impossible to replicate.

This would mean that everyone else other than them could possibly be clones. Ukitake and Kyoraku don’t seem affected by this either, maybe they are so old and sage that they are able to protect themselves from being the target of such an assault on the shinigami. Sometimes I feel that Ukitake and Kyoraku are wiser than any other captain, including Yamamoto.

He already knows something is wrong with Byakuya

Now back to the other element of the story, that green haired girl is being chased down by the new bad guy of this arc, this can’t be good, how much you bet she is the key of solving the “mystery” of this arc? She must have some information regarding what is going on that will compromise the bad guys work, lets hope Kon can manage…wait nevermind that if it was only for Kon we would all be screwed, at least Ishida arrived to save the day…or will he be able to?

Ishida arrives to save the day, or atleast try

Things I liked about this episode:

– Not much I really liked actually


I’m sure this arc will be amazing and we’ll see some of the old characters fight against each other once again, but the reason why this is happening, which was explained in this episode, I just can’t handle. I’ll try to make some other reason why they are fighting in my head for next week in order to be able to keep enjoying this, hopefully that will work.

ZeroG signing off

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