Bleach 321 : Mirror Matchup


The Reigai arrives in the world of the living and are met with their originals. Who will win? The original or the reigai?


Finally the fighting this bullshit was all about is starting. I mean the only thing a filler arc can do is show us some awesome fighting scenario, it requires no plot and it is still entertaining. So we finally can see that happening in this episode.

The rule seems to be that the reigai are more bloodthirsty than the original and they can reach a higher level of power than the originals. This will lead to some interesting fight in the future, since a lot of the originals are usually diminishing their power on purpose. Now after saying this there is one thing I find weird. Why would Yumichika’s Reigai uses the “bad” version of his shikai instead of going full power? I really wonder, since after all he is supposed to go all out with his bloodthirsty mentality. Maybe some power of the originals are still hidden from squad 12 and therefore the Reigai don’t have all their power? This is something that would be interesting to verify in the next few episode. But this might be false since we did saw Ikkaku’s Reigai uses his Bankai, which  no one is supposed to know about.


Now what I really want to see is Kenpachi’s Reigai, It will be unbelievably powerful. Especially if it doesn’t hold back as opposed to the original. Kenpachi is always trying to lower his power so he can fight more evenly with his opponent, without any restriction he could probably blow the whole world down in a single sword strike.

In this episode we saw a mirror match up between the Reigai and the original, but what will be interesting to see is not mirror match up, but different match up, since, for mirror match up, the Reigai should always win and the fight would be boring. Now if we could see fight between Byakuya and Kenpachi, that would be really awesome, I’m just a big fan of Kenpachi’s overwhelming power.

They should just sleep with each other, would be considered masturbation anyway

Also on an unrelated note, I can’t help but find Nozomi really hot for a most-likely Reigai.

I wouldn't mind being kicked to get such a view

I have this really strong feeling that she is a Reigai, I don’t have much to back it up though.

Last thing that I fun really amazing in today’s episode: the New Omaeda. How he says that he chose not to have the same body as his original because he was too ugly, that was just awesome. He was just as douchy than the original, he just had something to back it up. He had more muscle than a Gorilla and was much more badass than the original.

I believe for the next few week we’ll have fights between lieutenant, after that we will most likely move up to fight between the Captain, that will be the interesting part.

Things I liked about this episode:

–  Omaeda’s Reigai

– Nozomi upskirt


The next couple weeks should be entertaining to watch, even if they will be quite mindless and story-less most likely. After all no one really watch a Bleach filler for the plot anyway. We’ll see how good those guys are at making awesome fighting scene (I know they are good, that is why I’m still watching this show after so long).

ZeroG signing off

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