Bleach 323: Ichigo’s not so fading power


Nozomi tries to go into hiding in the precipice world while Sado is fighting Renji’s Reigai.


This episode was interesting to say the least. We were able to see the difference in power between even more of our favorite characters.

The first fight we saw was the one between Sado and Renji. It was interesting to see that Sado, even if he is human and not a shinigami, is able to fight on par with an empowered Renji. Before the Reigai used its Bankai, Sado was winning using only his defensive arm. Later on the real Renji joined the battle, but even then Sado was the one able to easily defeat the boosted Renji using its offensive arm. This means that Sado would be able to easily defeat the real Renji in battle. This is quite interesting to know since Renji is after all a Lieutenant of Bankai level, he and Ikkaku are the two Lieutenant who are the strong enough to become Captains. This means Sado has power of Captain level.

Fuck your lazor, I have the arm of the devil !

Now people would argue that this is a filler arc and therefore nothing in it is accurate. While I do agree, I feel it still gives a good idea of the “power level” of every characters compared to one another.

Now the second battle that occurred in this episode was the one between Ichigo and 6 boosted Reigai. Everyone knows that Ichigo is uber powerful, after all he was able to defeat Aizen. His 6 opponents were Rukia, Ikkaku, Omaeda, Hisagi, Matsumoto and Yumichika. Now those are all Lieutenant except for Rukia. Also it is important to note that Ikkaku is the strongest Lieutenant, in my opinion at least.  This means that while they were no captains, they were no push overs either. Usually Ichigo could have probably exterminated every single one of them in a single blow of his bankai, except maybe for Ikkaku, but now Ichigo is supposed to be weaker than usual. Thing is even if this is what is supposed to be, I see no sign of Ichigo ever weakening, while he does seem to faint and lose some abilities and be “weaker” overall, he still holds an enormous amount of power for someone who is supposed to not even be able to see shinigami anymore. I’m really wondering if they will even make the character of Ichigo weaken at all or if he will stay stable until the end when he will finally lose all power he once had.

My sword is bigger ! I think he tries to compensate for something else...

Things I liked about this episode:

– Sado is awesome in his silence


While this episode was a little lacking in epic, next episode is sure to bring back some epic fighting. Preview for the next episode promises us with the beginning of the fight between the old man and Ukitake and Kyoraku. And even better, we saw a glimpse of the fight between Zenpachi and himself, this ought to be most interesting.

Next episode, the old man transform into the Hulk !

ZeroG signing off

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