Bleach 325: Ice, Fire and Flowers


Byakuya fights the Reigai of Toshiro while Ichigo powers are restored in the world of the living.


This was a good episode, we were able to see the strategy Ukitake and Kyoraku Reigai had in mind. We also got to observe an interesting fight between the prideful Byakuya and the young genius Toshiro.

But even with so much action, I felt quite bored watching this episode, I felt that there was nothing surprising or really interesting and new going on. The fights are a good continuation, but it is starting to feel like they are all the same, there no more twist to them. Reigai and original meets, Reigai is winning, original comes back and kill the Reigai. It was interesting the first few times, but now we got that same scenario happening every episode.

Oh noes the Reigai will win !

I do know that this is a filler arc and therefore I should not expect anything good and interesting from it, but maybe the theme of this arc had my hope up for some reason. But now I know that my little hope can all go downhill since Ichigo is now once again at full power (more on this later) and he is coming to save everyone with his overpowering skillz.

jk, the good guys always win

Now Ichigo had some of his spiritual pressure returned to him by  Nozomi. WTF seriously? This is such bullshit, Ichigo is supposed to be out of spiritual pressure since 2 month ago, he still has enough to run around in bankai and use getsuga tensho. Not only that now he had some restored to him? There is no point and no sense of sacrifice to his Final Getsuga tensho if He can just be given more time again and again. The purpose and sense of ultimate power from the Final Getsuga Tensho was that it was supposed to be final, no more fun after that, a single overwhelming attack and then everything is over. I am really infuriated at the fact that Ichigo is given such an important role as a powerful dude when he is supposed to be at the power level of a human.

All the oldest are united once again, the student vs the teacher

As the story goes forward things won’t get any better as Ichigo will most likely take a bigger and bigger role until the end of this arc. I guess I won’t have any other option than to deal with it and watch it even if everything sucks. Things could have been worse, the episode of Bleach could have been replaced with Astarotte No Omocha!…


The episode had some great fight, but they were unoriginal and boring. Also Ichigo is given more power and that is so much bullshit that I believe the shitmaster used his bankai in order to summon so much bullshit. Until next week I’ll try to deal with the idea that Ichigo has for some reason so much power once again, maybe I will be able to survive this harsh reality.

ZeroG signing off

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