Bleach 326: Buy one sister, get a second one for free !


Fights are starting all over Soul Society, but Ichigo is on his way to save everyone.



Oh this episode was quite enjoyable! So many fights, so many imposters to kill. We have Byakuya that will fight himself soon, Kenpachi that defeated squad 2 ninja all at once without effort, Ichigo that barely had the time to fight Kageroza, There are 3 captain fighting Yamamoto and finally we had Hisagi fight his little sister…twice.

I was a bit surprised to see Kenpachi up and walking, but at the same time, he is kenpachi and therefore nothing is really too crazy for a guy like him. It was fun to see that the guy is a true berserker, the more he is injured the stronger he gets. He was getting bored killing all the ninja of squad 2 at once.

Can't touch this

I was disappointed to see Komamura appear to take his place, I really couldn’t give a fuck about that captain really, he’s just a big ball of fur. On my list of strength for each captain he is dead last.

Now the interesting fight for this episode was clearly the one between Hitsugaya and his , now twin, sister. I never really liked Hitsugaya because he is such a wimp even if he is so powerful for his age. He has so much trouble trying to be badass, he just looks like a whinny little kid with power. He is not even able to get the conviction needed to kill a replica of his sister. He figures out from the beginning that he is against a replica, he has no excuses what so ever to get cut. Hopefully Yoroichi came when she did, otherwise the guy would have been killed by someone only a tenth of his strength. Now that would have been quite the sad death.

In between twin sisters, what a lucky guy

For the next episode I really wonder what the fight between Byakuya and himself will be like, after all Reigai are stronger than the real thing AND the real Byakuya is injured, someone will have to come to help the guy out at some point, otherwise I call bullshit on that right now.

Finally Ichigo made it quite easily to soul society, but it seems it was because Kageroza was waiting for him to send him back in it, that guy is such a troll. “You made it here safe, now back in the other dimension lololol”. Of course it was to send him right in front of the cleaner, but Ichigo is Ichigo, even an indestructible immovable force like the cleaner can’t possibly stop him right? That would have been way too easy otherwise.


That episode was really great, and I can see the one following being just as awesome, I like this show when it is awesome, I just wish it was awesome more often.

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