Bleach 329 : Power Overwhelming


Kagerosa is having a hard time keeping up against Kurotsuchi, but he has a few more tricks up his sleeve.


This episode was quite fun to watch. Kurotsuchi is so awesome it is unbelivable, so much evil in a single person with such intelligence, he is awesome. If only he was not so prideful he would be perfect. He is such a monster to single handedly defeat the vilain 6 captain couldn’t defeat before. He never uses pure strength, only malice and back stabbing shot, and that is my prefered kind of tactics.


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Kageroza on the other hand was able to get quite the recovery there, killing a mod soul to take his body and die with it. I’m just really confused how that work in the shinigami realm, aren’t they supposed to already be in soul form? I’m not really sure if this is bullshit or it could happen, my bleach physic is kind of rusty after all those years. But now for the real bullshit.


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Every Reigai had a bracers to reduce their power, so they were not fighting at full power… Why the hell would he gave them bracer to inhibited their power is beyond me. There is no reason what so ever to do that, just go full force to begin with, don’t limit them. What the hell is that suppose to accomplish anyway? It is more fun to see even fights? if you have 20 super soldier don’t cut their leg so the fight are more fair, just pwn everything with your super army and call your world domination accomplished.


Now some stuff we learned this episode, we finally know that Nozomi is a mod soul, that I saw coming from miles and miles away. I also expect her to say that she is half of Kageroza personality with the other first mod soul being the second half or something similar. But I believe this will come in later. For now we were confirmed that Kon is annoying and Ruka can’t draw for shit. At least we got that confirmed, with this we are able to move on to the next logical step… Realizing that Ichigo survived the impossible.


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It is starting to really piss me off that Ichigo should be so weak but he somehow survive everything still, Yes he was rescued by someone, but it is bullshit anyway. Just put the guy in a bed and leave him there for at least a couple episodes, but anyway, this filler should end in a couple weeks, I hope. Untill then I’ll just have to watch this as a fanservice before things get interesting again.




Oh shit everyone is even more powerful than before and there is even more than before ! Things are not going to end well…oh no nevermind, I just remember that this is bleach and everything always end well. I can predict that at first the Reigai will win and then suddenly something will happen and the captain will barely win, or even worse, Ichigo will arrive and one shot everyone.


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