Bleach 333: Nozomi should just die already


Nozomi, Ichigo and Yamamoto are fighting Kageroza in the ultimate battle.




Everytime Kyoraku and Ukitake are fighting together, I can’t help but to love the episode. I love those characters so much, they are so calm and confidant when they fight, it is beautiful to watch. It gets even better when Unohana join them, those 3 have been there for so long, only Yamamoto has more experience.


The elder are fighting

This episode was kind of entertaining, I believe we finally got to see Ichigo losing the last of his power. After all he was supposed to be out of juice years ago, if only now he could finally drop for the last time and not raise back on his feet. He did an awful lot for someone without power after all.

Yamamoto wants to kill Nozomi at the same time as Kageroza, that would be a good idea actually, it would solve the arc way quicker. You get rid of both the anomalies at once, The friendly one and the ennemy. Still, Ukitake, Kyoraku and Unhohana Reigai are still alive, they will need to be dealt with before the end of the arc, after all they can’t exist past this stupid filler arc, they are but random character created for the manga to catch up.


I really wanted Nozomi to die in that last blast, but looking at the preview for next episode, She doesn’t. That is real bullshit, why can’t that emo girl finally die, it is not like her character is in any way interesting, she is but a pain in the ass. She just come out of nowhere, acts all emo, cries in a corner, get a sword out that has uber power, but in the end she is just a cry baby with a powerful sword and she can’t do shit with her sword. She would be more useful dead than alive, they should just kill her already. Yes she has this super sword of power, but she can’t use it and she is just winning all the time anyway.

Kageroza isn’t much better, why would a guy so powerful only be some random dude and not a lieutenant or a captain? He is able to take on 10 captains at once or Yamamoto + Ichigo + Nozomi, why bother with sneaky tactic? And why did no one ever saw that this guy was so powerful? don’t they test every shinigami Zanpakto before accepting them? It just feels like there is a lot of holes in the story and a lot of it doesn’t make any sense. But even if we disregard those problems, the newly introduced characters are just boring. They feel generic and without a purpose, and maybe it is better that way too, since after all they will disappear in only a couple of weeks.




This arc should end soon right?..right? I sure hope so, I’m tired of watching it, this episode was decent, but it just feels empty of meaning.


ZeroG signing off

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