Bleach 337: Discovering the past with Kisuke Urahara


Kon and Kisuke are looking at old archives in order to unveil the truth about Kageroza’s past.




This episode was slightly more fun than previously expected. I was expecting a boring eternal battle between the real captains and their fakes, but was I glad to see that we only saw some glimpse of this fight and not the whole thing. Instead we get to follow Kisuke around, we do have to keep up with Kon though, so this is still a little bit annoying.

Kisuke is one of my favorite character, he has this way to always acts like there was no big deal and everything was but a planned game. I especially liked how he defeated both Omaeda and Soifon without any efforts what so ever. A single strike was all he needed. He is such an awesome character.


On the other hand, this episode we had to support Kon  all the time again. This is something that is slowly killing me. I hate this character with all my heart. Why can’t anyone manage to kill him, I think I’ll personally go to japan and erasing him from every drawing and every storyboard. I’d much rather have a scene where we walk an empty road with no character anywhere and nothing happens than have Kon involved.


Most people might not even remember those two

There is one thing in this episode that I am uncertain if I like or I hate. The fact that Ganju and Kukaku reappear in the story after years of disappearance. I know they never died, they were simply never mentioned again in the story, but why would they actually be helpful now of all time? As far as I know they are both useless and they would have no chance what so ever to help the captain escape from that fight back then. But It is also interesting that they appear in a way to say the viewers “ya we didn’t forget they existed, here is your proof, now let’s have another 4 years of never showing them again because they suck as characters and have no purpose what so ever”.

Last thing about this episode. Ichigo is now the big back Hulk. He was injected with the wrong stuff and now he will be dangerous for every one of his friends. I’m not sure if I like the concept or absolutely  hate it. I hate the fact that it is so cheesy I feel I’m turning even more french. But at the same time it is a nice change of pace to have Ichigo be the trouble maker and not the savior. Therefore I will not pronounce myself just yet if this is an awesome idea or the lamest ever. I will wait until the next few episode to see what event will unfold from this.




An overall ok episode considering how bad the few previous episode were. I was pleasantly surprised when I realize I was having some fun watching the show.


ZeroG signing off

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