Bleach 340: Friendship and Magic

Ichigo tries to show Kageroza the power of Friendship!

What a beautiful episode of friendship this episode. I felt so good because I realize I had so many people around me that were always watching my back and there for me in time of needs. Before this episode I never realized how lucky I was that I knew people I could count on and that I had so many great memories with everyone I know. I think the episode made me aware of the beauty of friendship and self-sacrifice. I feel like a better man now.

I think this is what the story hoped someone would say after watching it, what I have to say about it is, this episode was boring as fuck, it was cliché, cheesy but not in a good way and I really want to be at episode 343 already, 343 will be my guilty spark, I will finally be able to enjoy Bleach once again.

For now the episode was exactly like I expected it to be, everyone babbled during the whole episode about friendship and magic, I would have rather watched 3 episodes of My Little Pony. If this was not enough bullshit, Ichigo once again lost his power and then regained them another time. This is seriously pissing me off. Have some either have power or not, but don’t juggle between the two 3 times per episode. It is frustrating and annoying and it serves no purpose. Now Ichigo has his power once again for some reason but he will lose them in the next episode I am certain. It is just far too ridiculous for anyone to take anything in this arc seriously anymore.

Nozomi will sacrifice herself to save everyone woohoo! Let that bitch die, that’s what she wants from the beginning. Let Kon die always, just because I hate him with a passion. Why won’t this arc end, how could it have lasted so long, it feels like the beginning was ages ago and even after all this time not a single thing of interest happened. The story is so simple it could have been told in 3 episodes. Bad guy wants to get girl to fusion with her, bad guy get girl and start fusion, bad guy is fusionned but still lose because this show sucks. There you go, that would have been a great 3 episodes arc. Also maybe if the arc was this short Kon would have less time to appear and ruin every single moment of my life.


Let’s finish this once and for all, this episode suck, not because it was so bad by itself, but the whole of the arc is just driving me insane. I CAN’T TAKE THIS BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!


ZeroG signing off

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