Bleach 344: Creeper and Hotties

Ichigo receives the visit of a familiar odd man at his job. Just what does this guy wants from him?

Ishida got owned. I have no clue who those Xcution guys are, but they seem has dangerous as the privaron espada in term of speed and power. Ishida was not paying attention when he was attacked and gravely injured, but even if he was it looks like the Xcution guy was even faster than he was.


I’m sure we will get to learn soon enough who those guys are and what they want from Ichigo and Isshin. But for this episode all we know is that they are creepy as hell. Ginjo spends his days following Ichigo with ramen in his hand and he makes sure to be as mysterious as humanly possible. If I was Ichigo I would be annoyed by this guy too, especially since the guy seems to know so much about Isshin and Ichigo too.  But I guess this will remain a mystery for now, I’m sure we’ll learn more about these guys real soon. After all they will be the center of this arc I’m sure.

The one thing that shocked me this episode was how cute and beautiful Ururu has become. That girl is smoking hot and I don’t say that only because she usually uses a rocket launcher. Just look at her, isn’t it incredible how she is most likely not even legal yet but I’m still sexually attracted to her?  I guess I shouldn’t say that I am attracted to virtual girl, but I guess it is too late now. I will love her character so much more now that she is that pretty.

Speaking of cute and pretty things, is it me or is Orihime even more annoying when she is not kidnapped and screaming to be saved? since the beginning of the arc she seems even dumber and more useless than ever. She is just a pretty girl with big boobs, she has no other redeeming qualities. I think she was less annoying back when she was yelling Ichigo’s name twenty times per episode. How could a character have such an important role in a show and be that annoying is beyond me, but I guess I’ll have to put up with her until some real action begins and it shouldn’t take long for that to happen since Ishida is already going to the hospital.

I’m really glad that things are moving forward to a real story where we might learn something, I was so sick of the fillers. Bleach is not the best show in the world, but for a show that runs for 344 episodes, it is still entertaining enough for me to watch. Hopefully some revelation will even occur in the near future, after all we still know so little about Ichigo’s father. Ichigo still hasn’t asked him anything about his past, there are so many questions still left unanswered, I want to know the truth about it all!


ZeroG signing off

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