Bleach 346: The Soul of Tables

Ichigo becomes a member of Xcution and Ginjo explains how things work with the group.

Ginjo and the other Xcution member can use the “soul” of everything around them to gain power and their power is a-kind to a hollow power. And they want to get rid of it because of that. For some reason I’m not buying it, there is some obvious lie/conspiracy going on here. Why would some people has powerful as the Xcution member want to lose their power? I have difficulty seeing how those powers could be so bothersome for them that they want to get rid of them.


I wish my schoolbooks could be that portable

Usually people fight and struggle for more power, never for less. I suspect that what they want is not to “give Ichigo their power so they can be free”, but instead they might very well steal Ichigo’s ancient power because he was the strongest man alive for a little while. I mean it is impossible to trust Ginjo, the guy is just so shady it hurts. Maybe if Xcution was not in a rundown building with a creepy gentleman like room in, it would be a little more trustworthy.


That guy is a pro puker

What is curious is Chad involvement in all this, he is a human able to use supernatural power, so he might have the same kind of power than Xcution, but then again, from what we saw the power of Xcution and Chad are different, Chad transforms himself, while Xcution transform objects. But next episode we will most likely hear what all of this is about. Chad is my favorite character of the human, it would really suck if he was turned into a bad guy for some reason. But at the same time it would be interesting to see something out of the norm happening in Bleach, since the show is so standard and boring usually.


please Chad, don't die, you are awesome

The episode bring the knowledge that everything has a soul, from a person to a grain of salt. I find this amusing enough, I mean I want to communicate with the soul of my kitchen table, I could be like “Hey Kitchen table, please stay straight while I eat” and then the table would stay straight and my food would not fall to the ground. How amazing is that power! I want it too, I don’t need no kamehameha, no bankai or superpower, just give me the ability to speak to chairs and walls. I will have so many friends, I could tell them how much I love them chairs and how my butt is so comfortable while sitting on them. This would be the greatest life.


Anyway, the episode was not that great, but it was not horrible either, I just felt like no questions were actually answered and the intro already gave away the power of the Xcution, so I was not impressed with any of it. On that note, I shall speak with my table now.


ZeroG signing off

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