Bleach 348 : Ichigo Vs Mr.Pork

Ichigo is facing an unexpectedly challenging opponent…without any power.

I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep my cool when Riruka is around, but I can’t complain that much because she is super cute and tsundere. I’m glad that things are moving quickly enough without rushing things. Ichigo already learned how to recover some kind of power, he still has no spiritual pressure and he is a weakling compared to what he used to be, but it is still way better than being an ordinary human.


That's the only thing I wanted to hear you say

Is it just me or was there a lot of sexual innuendo in this episode? I mean, Ichigo was “invited” to enter Riruka secret place, the place that she loves so much and that she let only people she likes enter. She even tell him how beautiful and wonderful her “dollhouse” is. I might also very well just be extremely perverted and there was nothing sexual in what she said, but who cares about details !

I have no clue who was captured to be Mr.Pork, but there must be some reason why everyone who get stuck in a puppet become such annoying characters?  Mr.Pork was just as bad as Kon, the only redeeming quality of Mr.Pork is that he will die very soon. The episode was really silly because of Riruka, everything that character bring is silliness, I would not be sad if she either died or become incapacitated soon. She is just like Inoue, I would rather have her kidnapped than actually seeing her. I understand that Bleach is not supposed to always be super serious, but right now Ichigo is trying to learn his new power and all we got to see is Riruka screaming around how she loves Ichigo and puppets.

random chad pic of chad looking awesome

I wonder how powerful Ichigo will be, and I really wonder what the hell Ichigo’s new-found power has to do with his spiritual pressure. How can he become a shinigami once again? I guess it will be explained eventually, or they will just throw some bullshit, either possibilities are just as likely. Still now his badge is able to shine power, not sure what that does, but I guess at least now he can look cool if anything. I guess it is one step in the right direction.

It doesn't actually do anything...but he got his awesomeness back if anything!

I don’t have much to say about this episode really, but it was not bad either, it was just…transitional? I just feel that the awesome part is about to happen.


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