Bleach 354: Life is a Video Game

I’m not sure what to say about this episode, it was kind of fun, but compared to the awesomeness of the last few episodes, it was a little disappointing, we didn’t learn anything new, except maybe for Yukio’s Fullbring, but it was nothing that impressive. I mean, the Fullbring was really original, but in term of use and how easy it is to set up in a real fight, the Fullbring is really disappointing. It must be fun to entertain yourself, but pass that, it has no real value, no wonder those guys all want to get rid of their fullbring, compared to the shinigami power, they are all worthless.

Looks like some competition is about to happen here

I find it funny that in the previous episode Ichigo was kind of able to fight Tsukishima without getting hit, but now that he is training against Ginjo, who is supposed to be weaker, he is completely destroyed very easily. Technically, they should be on equal footing, or was it because Tsukishima was giving Ichigo a chance to improve while they were fighting? Either way is probable, but it was a little weird to see Ichigo in that much problem after improving so much in the last few episodes. Unfortunately we won’t see how he improves just yet, since it seems the next episode will be a filler, but at least we can hope that soon enough we’ll have the continuation for the show and we’ll see just how Ichigo’s Fullbring will evolve, will it give him only his shinigami power? will it restore some of its hollow power as well? or will it even go to restore his final power, will Ichigo reach the power he had for a few second when he used the Final Getsugatensho? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Well, that can't be good to keep a good healthy body

But it seems that his father, Rukia and Kisuke have different plan for him, I’m not sure what they are planning, but it looks like they want to take his power away, or to return his shinigami power to him, but I have no clue which one it is. And especially why, I mean, we all know that Ichigo is in a mess right now and in something way over his head in his quest for power, but why exactly is Xcution this bad, I have no idea. But I’m pretty sure Ichigo’s Father would not destroy his son future just for fun, hopefully one day we’ll know what this was all about.

How to be shady and be certain to be misunderstood, a book by Kisuke Urahara

Over all, I didn’t like this episode, but the last few episode were quite fun, so I guess it is ok if this one was not just as awesome. But at the same time I know that next week we’ll have an absolutely terrible filler, so I was hoping they could make up for it with another awesome episode this week. Oh well, I’ll cry a little next episode it seems.


ZeroG signing off

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