Another blogger joins the fray

Hello people~

I am known as Myst. I am a blogger, an aspiring editor, a fervent anime watcher and a person with nowhere near enough time to do all things mentioned above.

Props if you know which anime this comes from.

Here’s a little bit of info about myself: I have no life. I could end it there and that would pretty much sum it all up, but considering this would make a totally uninteresting post, I decided to ramble like I always do and add a bunch of stuff readers are interested in I think. I guess explaining my lack of breathing fresh air could possibly interest you…

I am currently a CÉGEP student finishing her Sciences degree and half-dying through it, all in order to be able to eventually graduate and become an editor.

As a blogger, I used to be a part of Angryanimebitches for a good 2 years, first blogging regularly, then irregularly due to my crazy schedule. In the end, due to a conflict of values and dramatic shit no one cares about, I ended up here on this blog, which I hope will flourish and be as awesome (and maybe more?) as the old blog used to be.

In terms of schedules, well… I’ll blog when I have time… Which should be… Uh…. *checks agenda* Over winter break :). I’m far too busy to be blogging… The only reason I’m here is ’cause I love it so much that I just can’t seem to stop. This shit’s crack…

Real crack.

I plan to become an irregular anime blogger on 0-Gate, posting when I have time/when I feel like it. The few series I will be blogging regularly are second/third seasons of ones I was following before, such as Oreimo and Bakuman, and I eventually plan to continue blogging One Piece every week, if I feel I won’t give up midway and if I don’t die under a pile of science.

However, fear not! I’m not as useless as it seems. I’m also the unofficial editor of this blog, helping Zeroghj out with his absolutely terrible spelling and even worse grammar structure. As I am not a machine, I can’t edit every single post on this blog, but I do try my best to make it look at least decent, giving me quite a bit of experience in the field at the same time.


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