Blood Lad episode 1 [First Impression]: Vampire Boss and Dead Human Girl

Blood Lad vampire in need

This show sure was funny and fun to watch. I’m not expecting anything serious out of it either, I don’t think it will ever be a great show to forever be remembered, but it sure is into my vein of light show that I love to watch. Blood Lad is a comedy/fantasy where a young vampire otaku lives in the demon world and one day a young human girl appear on his territory. He has a sudden urge to suck her blood but before he has the chance to do so…let’s just say that the girl is a bit more skeleton-y.

Blood Lad little girl bones

The show really wasn’t anything that new or special, but it simply felt directly into my perfect genre. It is the kind of things that I love to watch during the summer season. A lot of jokes, naked girl and Otaku reference, I’m in! The story could matter less as long as things stays as funny as this episode was I’m all in. The main character is strong and weird and the main girl is always naked, this just asked to be viewed by me.

Blood Lad was previously supposed to air a couple season back but got pushed back, I’m glad to see it appear once again in the line up and actually air this time. I wasn’t certain how serious the show would be about its story and I’m glad to find out that they take everything with a grain of salt. It is already the first episode and the main girl got devoured and turned into a ghost and now a vampire and a ghost are entering the human world once again. This show will surely make me laugh and that is all I ask of it.

Blood Lad exposed

Now, I don’t recommend this show to anyone and everyone. This is not something that anyone can enjoy since it contains ecchi and very little story. If you want something funny you can watch it, but don’t expect a show full of drama and action and emotions. This will be good for a cheap laugh and that’s about it, but it is all I’m asking from a show like this one anyway. I will be watching this show and I’ll be blogging it too, I feel like I can give the internet great service if there is enough ecchi scene to make revealing screen caps every week. If anything, the internet loves their anime boobies and I won’t be the one to deny it to them.

ZeroGhj signing off

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