Blood Lad episode 2: Staz Spit on you

Blood Lad spary power

This episode was fun, we learned a lot more about the universe of blood lad and the show was definitively funny, but unfortunately the show is very difficult to blog and discuss. I loved how everything went perfectly fine because Staz was just shooting his spit everywhere he went to. It must be really great to have complete power over every single human in a world like that. He could easily just create a nation of zombies who would obey his every words if he wanted to, he did say that there were now too many humans with too great technologies to have the demon terrorize them, which is a concept I absolutely love I admit, but it seems that with his power Staz could just take over a little part of the human world and do as he pleases there without much problem. If not for the sun, I see no reason why he couldn’t become a master of both demon world and earth alike.

Blood Lad suck me up

Meanwhile it seems that soon there will be quite some trouble in the demon world as people have already figured out that Staz isn’t there to be the territory boss for a little while. We don’t know who figured it out yet, but I’m sure it really won’t take long before we figure it out. After all next week we are all ready going back into the demon world to learn more about the mortal enemy of Staz, wolf the werewolf. I really can’t say they were really that original with his name, but what ever. We are back to some classic combination of werewolf against vampire, I guess the eternal duel will never end.

Blood Lad wolf

 The show has some ecchi undertone, but it is really really much less than I anticipated, if anything there is a much stronger romance undertone than an ecchi one. The jokes this episode were just as good as in the first episode, but I must admit that the ecchi was a deciding factor in me blogging it and as it is now toned down quite a bit compared to my expectations, I decided to stop blogging the show after this episode. There are many great shows that came out this summer ,surprisingly, and unfortunately Blood Lad simply doesn’t make the cut for me in term of quality and entertainment. I still recommend the show to anyway who likes the comedy/ecchi/romance genre and I will still watch the show, but I won’t blog it from now on.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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