Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 1 First Impression: Rubbing each other off in the bath


This show is finally back ! I loved the first season and I was glad a second one was on the way. This show is everything I could want, comedy, ecchi and the characters are all more perverted one to the other. This episode alone we had so many dirty situation and so many things that went so wrong, it gave me a good laugh.

sena hair

It is special to see Yozora with short hair, we had a whole season when we saw her only with long hair and now it is short. I think I like that change, at first I was concerned if it wouldn’t make her look a little too boyish, but after watching this episode I can definitively say that she kept all of her charming features and I would do her any day…if she was real…and if I was not already taken. Her evil plan make her look a little psycho, but after seeing Sena’s room, I can’t say she is the craziest of the two anymore. That room was so creepy, I was wondering if she was not masturbating looking at all those pictures, and the final scene with Yozora’s wig made me realize that she was. The pleasure of revenge she had in her eyes when she came after smelling Yozora, her heart must have been filled with hatred at that time…this is fucked up, but I love it that way.


Meanwhile, Kodaka is still the star of the club, everyone relies on him and even though he isn’t the only guy, he’s the only one that the other club members want. Sena manage to lure him at her home and at first I thought something really bad was going to happen. It was close too, Kodaka had condom in hand and breasts in front of him, what a great display of force of will from that man. Having said that, while I thought that Kodaka might do Sena, it seems that Sena’s father is getting much closer to Kodaka than Sena. I must say that guy creeps me out. I don’t have anything against yaoi, but when it is pedophilia yaoi, it is a bit too much for me. Pegasus must have been so much more than simply friend with Kodaka’s father and it shows, the way he rubbed Kodaka’s back, you knew he meant business. I wouldn’t be surprised if something else than Pegasus’ hands touched Kodaka on the back during that bath.

from behind

You know what’s even better than reading about that show? Seeing the best ecchi screencap of every episode, and here they are !

This show is fun, it is relaxing and always enjoyable, I will be covering it this season and I suggest for everyone who’ve watched the first season to watch this one, with this kind of show, I doubt it will disappoint.

ZeroGhj signing off

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