Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 10: Are we friends yet?

the gang

The new movie that the club made looked so awesome, I don,t care what you say about everything going everywhere with every genre possible, if it involves Yozora in a sexy cosplay of sorceress, I’m in. Their movie now will at least don’t be a complete copy of an old obscure movie and it will be an original adaptation. It is just kind of sad when you see all the effort that Rika puts in the special effect only to have their movie completely out-shined by a production of people younger than them. The little silent movie of Kobato was quite impressive just from the small glimpse we were able to see. It is really surprising to learn that Kobato is such a super start  in her age group, everyone loves her even if she is absolutely distant and tsundere about it. She is indeed just like her older brother in that respect.


The end of this episode was surprisingly dramatic, I must admit that I was shocked that Rika was this forward with Kodaka, especially how stubborn he is about things  in general. Of course he must know by now what is happening all around him, there is no way that he wouldn’t realize the attention he gets from everyone. He always simply rejects everyone and denies what he perceives as interest. The guy is scared, he has problem to accept people into his life because in the past people only made fun of him and betrayed him. It is not easy for someone to recover from a situation like that, even if you are loved by 4 of the most awesome girl around.

hair in the wind

The current event creates a small problem for me though. If Kodaka really isn’t as dense as he let it believe and if he understands what is going on…why was he affected last episode when Aoi told him he was awesome. Why would suddenly his carapace open up for this girl he never knew of? Why would suddenly he actually accept the compliment of a girl who talks to him instead of just feigning ignorance? Hopefully this is just a case of story making the character go out of character for the sake of fan service, because I sure hope that Kodaka don’t have a thing for that stupid girl. If anything I really want Rika to end up winning this harem. She already has everything a girl need. She is dedicated, she is sexy and she is confidant. She already understand Kodaka, how he thinks and how he feels and therefore she should be the one to stand beside him on hard times, because she is the only one of the bunch that will be able to properly support him.

I am team Rika, what team are you on?

ZeroGhj signing off

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