Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 11: Rika be disappoint

rika disappoint

This show is getting way farther than I ever expected it to go. Usually harem have a tendency to never end and to keep the relationship in a constant state of nothingness forever. Lately the story progressed heavily with both Rika and Sena telling their feeling to Kodaka, now it seems that the only one left really who has still to declare her feeling is Yozora. At that point the real combat will be able to begin.

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Kodaka is a good guy at heart, but he has a lot of issues. I absolutely hate people who run away from their problem, I want to see him fight, I don’t want to see the situation just worsen even more. Kodaka doesn’t know what he wants yet, he doesn’t know who he loves most and those are all understandable considering the plethora of girl he has around him and the fact that they all are after him anyways. Yet instead of saying that he is still indecisive he instead decides to run away from the girl what so ever and he doesn’t allow himself to express his feelings because he already assume that they won’t listen to him even if he did explain himself.

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Maybe if Kodaka had a little more balls he would be able to make a move on all three of the girl at once, but it seems that he is too respectful of a man for that to happen anyways. He respect and like all of his friends in the neighborhood club, hence why it must be even more difficult for him to make a decision. He doesn’t want to ruin any friendship, he is a man who can be trusted, as Rika highlighted this episode with her rape joke. Now there is once again another girl entering his life. Yusa might be really tiny and annoying but if it allows to create a stronger bond between Yozora and Sena then I’m all for it. I’m not sure I would like for Yusa to get much more place into the show than she does right now, I like the developed and sexy body of Kate much better.


On a different note, it is really amazing how dedicated and into it Rika really is about the club, I absolutely love that girl and I wish should could win this harem race, she is after the most serious of the group, or should I rather say the most mature and it really shows because she is the one that Kodaka is the closest to. Kodaka is able to talk to her about his problem, or at least nearly able to do so, and that alone means so much to me. Now I’m so glad that the more the show progresses the more it seems that Rika will get her chance in all this in equal footing with Yozora and Sena, go girl !

shy rika

I want to see how the club will react to Kodaka’s failure as a man, I hope that it will be covered this season and we won’t have to wait for a third season for more depth on the subject. Please Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai, don’t make me eat my words and become a endless harem that never evolves and constantly stays the same.

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