Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 3: Pedo Time !

trouble at home

I didn’t liked this episode that much, but it was mainly because the main focus of the episode seemed to be more on the lolly factor than the other characters. The king game was interesting, but even there the only people doing the pervy thing were obviously the two little girls. Kobato and Maria got all the dirty of the show and I have trouble with girl looking like 12 years old in such positions.

naked sister

Hey, I don’t mind and I won’t be judging if you are into lolly, I’m just saying it is not my cup of tea.

If Maria and Kobato were just a little bit more developed I would have most likely drool all over myself from this episode. Maria already had a tendency to be quite revealing in the way she walks and act, she sure ain’t a prude one, but even Kobato got some exposing time this episode. Kobato was in a super revealing cosplay suit this episode ! Even I had trouble keeping concentrated on something else on that scene, that cosplay was without any doubt much sexier than any swimsuit, I would have died of embarrassment if I had to wear something like that.


Most of the episode focused on Maria being naked and exposing herself, but what I want to focus on here will be the King game, the final revelation that Sena and Kodaka are somehow going to marry and the effect it will have the childhood friends. I was jealous of those guys when they were playing that game, they are a bunch of losers “without friends” and they have more awesome social activities than I ever had in my life. They had the opportunity to see someone in a bikini, one of the girl chest, a kiss and to see one of the girl say an embarrassing orgasmic speech. The best I ever got out of those games was a kiss on the cheek…and it was by another guy ! Kodaka is such a lucky bastard but he is either to shy or too stupid to realize how lucky he is to be with so many dangerously perverted girls. At any moment he is in the clubroom he could end up seeing someone naked.


Meanwhile, Sena nearly had her kiss from Kodaka this episode, if it wasn’t for Yozora interrupting them at the very last second, she would have sealed the deal and won Kodaka for herself alone. I’m not even sure if I’d rather have Sena or Yozora finish with Kodaka. On one side the childhood friend is a nice friendly figure, but Sena is rich and she has an indirect relationship with Kodaka already by the mean of their fathers. Now it even seems that for some reason Kodaka’s father understood that Kodaka and Sena were going to marry in the somewhat near future, no clue how that happens, but I sure hope next episode will continue with that thought and we’ll be able to understand what is going on here.


ZeroGhj signing off

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