Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 4: Shocking Revelation


Whaaaaaat?! He was a She all along ! I mean, she was a she all along? I loved the concept that Yukimura was a guy who looked like a girl, I almost creamed myself when Kodaka realize that Yukimura thought she was a guy, but she really was a girl. At least Maria was there to find it out, I never suspected that Yukimura was really a girl, at first look she obviously was, but that just prove how hard it was to believe otherwise. She spent most of her life thinking that she was a guy, she needed Rika to explain to her clearly that she was a girl. I must admit that I’m just as curious as Kodaka to know what the hell could have Rika told her to convince her that she was a girl. Just how dense must you be to be confused about your gender when you get to high school?


At the same time this episode it seems that both Sena and Yozora were trying to get Kodaka, but they always seem to spend more time fighting between each other than actually doing anything to flirt with Kodaka. I know that they are socially awkward and all, but Sena plays a lot of dating sim, she should at least know how to do stuff in theory. Meanwhile Yozora is starting to feel really depressed and loss in all this. She wants Kodaka all for herself, she created the club for that sole purpose, but now it turns out that there are 4 girls (not counting Maria…you pedo) for one guy in the club she built to be with him. She has to be in constant competition with a rich girl with huge boobs, a perverted genius and a dutiful maid. I can understand why she was nearly crying at the end, the competition is really ferocious for that one guy who barely even has any friends.

girls are disgusting

I must admit I really have trouble to understand why people who can’t handle roller coasters go to amusements park. Why bother to pay the huge entrance fee if you won’t even go to the things you are paying for anyway? Merry-go-round and Food are available elsewhere without you having to pay such enormous entrance fees. At least Sena and Yozora really had a great deal for their money considering they went to the major roller coaster about 10 times each. Even if that meant that they were green at the end and puked all over Kodaka, I think it was all worth it. Hell, they even had an excuse to get closer to Kodaka by offering sincere apologize and compensation after…but they didn’t.

orgasmic ride

We had a lot of yuri action this episode, you can consider myself satisfied on that end, I hope to see even more in the future now that Yukimura has been revealed to be yet another harem potential in this show.

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