Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 5: Another Secret’s out


Wow, sometimes I forget that this show actually as a story. I love the characters and jokes so much that for me it couldn’t matter less if there wasn’t any story or progression ever (weird for me to say this considering how I usually hate slice of life). This episode was full of dramatic event and sadness, to see Yozora repeat her past experience in a video game and to see her finish her high school years without a single friend and failing the romance she wanted was sad. She did so well until now, she manage to make friends, she manage to get closer to Kodaka, she managed so much. Yet she still lacks so much confidence into going forward. She needs to stop acting so Tsundere and actually make a move. It is embarrassing to do so, even more so because of everyone around her, but you won’t look like a fool if you are confident doing things.

all alone ending

So many people are afraid to take risks and do some things because they don,t want to look stupid. Sure you won’t look stupid doing nothing, but you will never be happy and have what you want either. No one will laugh at you if you have the confidence to go for what you want in life. People will laugh at your dream if you sound unconvinced and shaky telling them. You need to talk about your dreams and desire the same way you feel them; with burning conviction and desire ! If you love someone you should scream it as loud as you can. You might annoy some, you might look insane, but at least you’ll be true to yourself and therefore able to move forward in life. Push yourself to get what you want, stop blaming the whole world if things don’t fall in your hands…jump and grab them !

pretty boy don't work

Back to the show itself. I was half-disturbed and half-excited when I heard that Rika was going to her Lab to enjoy “do-it-yourself” time. There is very little interpretation possible of what that might mean and I’m not sure if it is really sad or extremely perverted and sexy of her. Obviously Kodaka was absolutely oblivious to her charm and he doesn’t even have the slightest interest for her. I’m not sure I really like how she changes her hair every 2 seconds, nor am I sure why she made them blond, she looked way better with her original black hair. To be honest I’m not even sure why Rika bothers with Kodaka, why would a genius like her be interested in someone who cannot even fathom how difficult it is to receive funding for invention, Kodaka doesn’t even understand how complicated it is to invent something, how much research and monetary investment is necessary. If she was to build a useless mecha she might have the romance factor going for her but in the end she would have put the entire country in debt for building a huge useless piece of metal. I seriously hope that Kodaka never goes for her, Rika deserves way better than someone as ridiculously stupid as him.


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