Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 6: Rika Maid time

maid rika

Rika has it so hard, constantly ignored by Kodaka, I secretly cheer for her to be the one but  everyone already knows that she doesn’t stand the slightest chance against Kodaka. She is my perfect girl in the bunch but unfortunately she is far from Kodaka’s favorite. I love confident girls. She is such a tease, she knows how to turn on a guy and to do it just right without looking like a complete attention whore. She can make sweet inventions and she has enough common sense to avoid falling for traps laid out by Yozora…she is perfect!

daring rika

Meanwhile this episode we had a clear maid fetish going on, I’m not exactly really into that whole fetish but I can’t say I didn’t love the intention anyways. In between the super tsundere act of Rika or the perfect maid performance of Sena we had a wide range of personality to satisfy the audience inner desires. What I loved the most about the maid uniform was really the fact that the girl were constantly changing right in front of Kodaka or really close to him anyways. I must admit that at this point I’m not even sure if Kodaka isn’t gay or something not to react or take a peak when Rika was changing. Even if he has no interest what so ever in her, she is still a girl.

rika maid insulted

Now onto a completely different subject. I know that the show isn’t meant to be serious in any real way and that the setting are mostly an excuses for the ecchi and comedy, but I still find it quite ridiculous that even after all this time none of the member of the club realize that they are all friend with each other. I have no idea what they think friends are and what kind of level of friendship they are trying to achieve, but from what I’m seeing Sena and Yozora already are in some deep (and weird) friendship. Meanwhile Kodaka has nearly a religion forming around him, it is kind of hard to imagine that he doesn’t realize how cherished he is and how lucky he is to be with all those hot young perverted ladies that have the hots for him. Kodaka has way more friends than me and he thinks he have none…in the end, maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand what a friend is supposed to be, maybe I’m the one missing so much in life without even realizing it ! Even if it were the case I don’t think I’d care much, I’d rather enjoy life without having the need for people to be constantly surrounding me.

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