Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 8: Yozora going down

fury of sena

The tension is rising up in the clubroom, I just feel like Yozora is in big danger with the way things are heading. She isn’t as strong, or maybe only because she isn’t as cheerful, but the point is that compared to Sena she just don’t stand a chance if a real bitch fight for Kodaka is to arise. Sena will continue to fight no matter what, meanwhile Yozora has too many issues to forge forward like Sena does. If anything Yozora has already closed herself so much already, she has too many scars for anyone to fix her in a single day. She will need a lot of time and experience before she will be ready to enter in a relationship…or even have a chance at one.

yozora strong

Sena is egotistical, she acts like a princess and in the end she might very well be one, but she doesn’t have any problem that she carries around with her, she might be dumb and hard to manage, but if someone is able to do so she is already ready to marry him. Maturity isn’t something you can measure up easily. Most of the time you would say that Yozora is more mature than Sena, but the fact is that Yozora has many more issues and room to grow than Sena. It is kind of sad because I hate Sena and like Yozora much better, but when someone is as vulnerable as Yozora it is difficult to see how she could win.


It seems that next episode everyone will make that movie happen and if it is only half as good as everyone says, it sure will be something interesting to watch, although I find it quite hilarious that no one but Rika seems to have notice that the story is pretty much their lives from the very beginning. I particularly found interesting that their name were all slightly altered. Especially for Sena, since her name in the movie will be Sana, which happens to be my more “familiar” nickname on the internet. I digress, I wouldn’t be surprised that Yozora originally wrote a scene where both her and Kodaka kiss at the end of the movie, it would be the kind of thing I’d do if I were her anyways, it was the perfect set-up to slip up something like that completely unnoticed.


The episode was pretty ecchi-less, except for that one scene at the cinema. I must say that I found it quite hilarious that Yozora and Kodaka went to see a semi-erotic movie together on their first date, it must have been pretty awkward, I would have been laughing the whole time if it happened to me. I think I found the scene even funnier because the characters spoke french and I am french Canadian and therefore imagined myself screaming “C’est bon” over and over again while having sex. I think my girlfriend would completely freak out and call the cops if I did. Worth a try ! If you don’t see a post next week just assume I’ve been jailed for sexual assault.
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