Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 9: Yes, My Fiancé!

childhood friend

They are adding yet another character to this harem? I understand that this kind of show thrive with the addition of more female character and they try to make sure that there are as many possibilities of personality available, but there must be a limit at some point too. I’m not even sure I understand the purpose of that girl yet, but as soon as a new character is introduce she is rarely there only once never to appear again. She is definitively weird enough to become a real character and since she is obsessed with complimenting Kodaka so much I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually joined the club and played a part in there.

Yusa Aoi

I feel like Boku wa Tomodachi already has enough character as it is. I didn’t mind it when Maria’s older sister was introduced because she was already sort of mentioned multiple times in the story already. This time around though, Aoi is just a completely random character who know one ever knew about and she has no connection to the plot in any way what so ever. The only connection that she has is one she created herself and stating that Sena was her greatest rival. I know that the objective for manga authors and anime producer is for shows to have the longest run possible, but you know when I think about good shows, they all have something in particular…they all eventually end. An ending is a necessity if you want for something to be interesting, the whole point of any show should be to reach that end after all. I’d just much rather have a conclusion to see if Kodaka wants to go the Sena route or the Yozora route, that is all.

suspicious girl

Meanwhile most of the episode was spent on the great revelation (once again). Now it seems that Yozora was completely outdone by Sena, the more things are going forward the more it seems like Yozora is done for. Sena is rich, pretty, boobalicious and she is already Kodaka’s fiancé to begin with? Even worse, she actually got the guts to go and talk to Kodaka from time to time, not like Yozora who is constantly crying and depressed. This season it just seems like it is one great impossible revelation after the other, it seems like there is no end of forgotten past and terrible secrets to be revealed. There should really be a limit to how much new information can appear out of nowhere each season, otherwise this show will get unbelievable and redundant really quickly. I cannot say I hate the current turn of events, but I’m just really scared that the show will take this approach more often and too often and that it will lead to a more boring anime. I guess that we will see about that soon enough.

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