Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT [Final] episode 12: Be My Friend!


I don’t know why I always take this show for just a regular harem ecchi when it is so much more. This ending was beyond anything I had hope, I was sad at the beginning of the episode because it felt like the end arrived way too quickly but after seeing this episode I feel absolutely fulfill and I have no complain about this ending. I really can’t wait for the third season to arrive even though it has only been 5 minutes since I finished this second season.


I was expecting Kodaka to run away, I knew he was a coward and he wouldn’t face his problem and in fact, it took everything for Rika to push him and beat him up for him to stand up for himself and actually solve his problems. After what Rika has done I cannot even imagine how anyone wouldn’t consider her to be one of the most perfect character for Kodaka. She is the only one who understand him perfectly, the only one who is always there for him. Rika is the one who went to threaten him and push him to change. She is the one who keeps on torturing herself for the club to work. She might have acted like a complete villain on that rooftop (in fact that fight was absolutely epic and I wish my girlfriend could beat me that way when I’m down) but she was mean only for the benefice of Kodaka. She is in fact so selfless, just like Kodaka and her selfish and energetic personality is but a veil to enthrall everyone and to make friends.

evil neko rika

Yet she said it herself, they all are friends already, they have been for a while now. In the same way that Aoi laughed at him when he said that Sena didn’t had friends. Everyone has friends, not everyone have a deep relationship with some friends, but not everyone needs those either. At least it is great to see them finally acknowledge that they are all friends, It seems that the situation between Sena and Kodaka is still unsure because of Yozora’s action, but it seems that next season this will be the first thing to open up the season…I simply cannot wait, Yozora is by far the most messed up of the lot after all. Maybe this will also make Kodaka rethink going out with Sena until later? At least I hope so!

changing girl

I’m a dead fan for Rika and I don’t think this will change. Even more so because of the last few episode I just feel like Rika really is the best choice for Kodaka. What does Sena and Yozora every do to him? Do they even know how he feels about everything? Yozora is too busy being stressed and crying every 5 minutes and running away to do anything. She is so scared that she cannot focus on anything but herself and that will be her doom, not only in that relationship but in life in general. Meanwhile Sena is such an airhead and she is so selfish that there is no way she understands the slightest thing about the man she loves. Loves isn’t love unless you can spell it in the heart of the one you love, if you only see your emotions and not the need of the person you are in love with, you are not in a love, you have a crush or you are a bad person, either one really. When you truely love someone you would leave that person if it made her happier, you wouldn’t push yourself unto that person if that person wasn’t ready to hear it. Sena just blatantly told her love out of nowhere when it was pretty obvious that Kodaka was doing his best to ignore the sign she was sending.

shot at

I want a third season and I want for everyone to rally under the flag of Rika, because she is even more worth it than you can believe Kodaka !


ZeroGhj signing off

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  1. Jammasternam says:

    I totally agree! Rika x Kodaka! ^_^

    • Zeroghj says:

      awww yeah ! *high five* may the two of them end up together and have kinky sex everyday!

  2. Jammasternam says:

    HA! I like your thinking already 😉

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