Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT episode 2: The power of Yaoi

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What’s that? A new character in my Boku wa Tomodachi Sukunai? I thought the show didn’t need to have any more love interest for Kodaka, he already had plenty of choice in the matter. I was certainly not expecting that, then again I can’t say no to a big breasted sister.


We were told before of “that old hag” but because of the way she was called I imagined an old mean lady to be referred to here, I never expected to have a beautiful charming 15 years old be that old hag. She has the body of an angel and the behaviour of a devil. At first I thought she was drunk on school ground with the way she acted and yet after further inspection I realized she was only drinking coca-cola. Now maybe she did drink a lot before that or she was still hangover after her last night, or maybe she is simply really weak to alcohol and easy to drunk and that single coca-cola was enough to make her feel tipsy. Then again I’ve seen people change the content of their beverage to alcohol in the past, maybe she does the same to avoid suspicion. Kate is such a daredevil, when she was walking away I had a big “Dat Ass” feeling, only to have her fart in my general direction and completely ruin my boner. I already love that gross girl.

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Thanks to Kate sudden appearance in the show we got to learn a lot about Maria’s past and how she was before joining the neighbor club. Who would have thought that this retarded child that is Maria would prove to be such a shut-in and difficult child in the past. Then again, it is no surprised to learn how Maria had trouble before seeing the kind of influence her older sister is giving her.

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Meanwhile, the first half of the episode was a complete ero madness. First of all I think Kodaka completely ruined Rika’s panties with his shocking declaration, and most of the girl around the clubroom seemed to feel really jealous, he sure has learned a lot on how to make a girl feel good. That beautiful scene was quickly followed by the yaoi fest which I thoroughly enjoyed. The look on Yozora’s face when she finish the show was priceless, I wouldn’t be surprise to see her become a yaoi fan in the near future thanks to Rika maddening influence. I can already see Rika and Yozora watching hardcore Yaoi porn on the clubroom tv while the rest of the club look at them skeptically  Then again, I guess it can’t be worse than having Sena play super explicit incestuous eroge in the middle of the clubroom at all time. Some time I wonder how Kodaka managed to end up in a room with so many horny girl and he managed never to lay a single hand on any of them. Did I say before that I love this show? Because I absolutely do!


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