Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 11: Friendship

Some friends are meant to keep for a long time… And others, well… Ricchan learned the hard way that friends aren’t always good.

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Sayaka gets a visit from her old friend from middle school, Tsuneko, who leaks out her deepest secrets and weak points for everyone to see clearly. Not too long after, Ricchan finds herself a friend from her class, but she turns out to be a crazy attention whore, leaving Ricchan no room to breathe and eventually dragging her to a Goukon without her consent.

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This episode was interesting on many levels, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was fun to see a little bit more of Sayaka as an actual person rather than a manipulative sadist for once. Not that she was normal, but that was to be expected of her. Her friend Tsuneko made Sayaka seem a little bit more human, with emotions and sympathy for her friends just as any other normal person would have. I also liked the idea of hiding her face every time it has no make-up on it, as though it was a monster that was better left not drawn.  Considering she’s usually an invincible evil mastermind, it was also fun to witness some of her weak points for once, entertaining me throughout the first half of the episode quite a bit. bokura wa minna sayaka mean

The second half of the episode was also quite fun, as we saw for the second time Ricchan attempting social life just like normal high school kids would. Unfortunately for her though, it seems like she is terribly unlucky in her friend picks, and just had to get the super social, super outgoing girl who just never stops looking for attention. Decidedly, this show doesn’t like social girls at all; I mean, not one of them has been portrayed positively so far, even among the girls of the complex…

bokura wa minna ricchan goukonPutting the craziness of Maemura aside, the show also enjoys portraying Ricchan as a person who absolutely hates being a social person. Being antisocial myself, I understand Ricchan when she feels the need to simply get away from social interaction and have some time to herself with her books. I enjoy that part of her personality quite a lot, simply because other characters portrayed in Romance Comedies tend to be the unpopular-but-I-want-friends type or the Let’s-make-a-high-school-debut type. In this show, we get a main character who hates being social and many popular kids being portrayed negatively; contrary to other shows, instead of saying “go out and make friends!”, the message portrayed in Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is rather “if you wish, stay inside as much as you like, just make sure you have fun!” Honestly, if that was a message we saw more often, I’m sure the life of many otakus would have been great in high school.

bokura wa minna ricchan cuteIn the end, this episode was interesting on many levels, but unfortunately decided the show’s fate a little quicker than I first expected. Now that we know from next week’s preview that this show will only be 12 episodes long, it becomes almost certain that the relationship between Usa and Ricchan won’t conclude properly, leaving the show with many holes left to fill in order to incite us to go read the manga. Unfortunately, that leaves the show with no conclusion… And I hate shows without conclusions. I hope to see some development between Usa and Ricchan next episode, but without the kiss and the end-development of the side characters, I don’t see this show going anywhere without a second season… And even then, I doubt we’d see much.

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