Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou episode 1[First Impression]: Romance Comedy at its Finest

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Recommended: Yes
Watching: Yes
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Kazunari Usa’s parents have just moved, and they allow him to find a place to live alone, at a complex with other residents. Once there, he meets Sumiko, a crazy and sadistic grandma, Shirosaki, a crazy pervert, and Kawai, whom Usa finds to be totally his type; the only problem is her “don’t talk to me” aura, which leaves Usa at a loss as to how to talk to her. The episode later on lets us meet Mayumi, who just had her heart broken by her boyfriend and seems just as insane as all the other characters of the story.


Damn, this looks very promising!

I had absolutely no intention of blogging this due to the many other shows which I wanted to watch, but after watching this episode, I am doubtful of my initial plan. This show should prove to be absolutely wonderful.

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Even if the romance doesn’t add up in the proper way (that which I have high doubts on), the comedy of this single episode left me laughing all the way from beginning to end, with barely any breaks in between. The jokes are well thought, well placed, and although the character concepts seem a bit cliché, this doesn’t make them in any way bad; the show exhibits an air of quality which is rare to see in recent romances.

bokura kawaisou ritsuka kawaiOne thing to note here is the amount of work put into the animation. Pretty, different, colourful, and with absolutely gorgeous characters, we can see that Brains;Base put extreme amounts of effort in making this show beautiful – and romances with quality art are pretty tough to find outside of the P.A. Works studio. The opening sequence was full of quality, and the scene sequence and timing made events like the grandma’s wish to be a Romance Comedy side character much more entertaining, with the great timing of the close-ups, flowers and sentences. It might not sound like much, but it is small things like this that tend to differentiate well-produced shows from lazy anime.

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Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou’s animation is great; but let’s not forget about the story and characters, either. The premise of the show is interesting, although quite cliché in Japanese anime; a man who comes to live among a bunch of girls, a pervert and a grandma who doesn’t really act like a grandma, meets a really cute girl and begins getting closer to her. The only big difference I notice here from other shows like this is the extreme personality exaggeration of the grandma and the ridiculous amount of perverted jokes driving the show. Other main characters seem to have a fairly overused personality. However, for a first episode start, I can’t say I expect much more than that anyways; should a complexity of characters arise, it will throughout the course of the series, not right away.

None the less, I expect a lot from this, if only because of the hilarious comedy. Anyone looking for a good piece of entertainment should watch this show; whether Kawaisou’s romance stays on equal terms with its comedy is left hanging, but considering the quality of everything else I’m not too worried about the way this show will turn out. bokura kawaisou face

This show has a possibility (please note here: possibility) of reaching the top charts easily: it’s funny, entertaining, beautiful, and has the potential of giving us very intense emotional moments. The characters are easy to get attached to, and overall this first episode caused the show to go right up there on my Watching list. Should you like RomComs once in a while, you shouldn’t miss out on this show.

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